Pokemon Shield

Below you’ll find a brief summary of my Pokemon Shield progress :) I probably won’t write too much here for it, but anything I do you can find in this category. I also have a Youtube Playlist of my whole journey!

Name: Jennifer
Badges earned: 8/8
Champion: Yes (and of the Galarian Star Tournament too!)
Appointed Royalty (Post Game Finished): Yes
DLC: Purchased!
Dojo Status: Story finished and fully upgraded.
Expedition Clues solved: 4/4 (and helped Sonia)
League Cards: 34/34 (Four are version exclusive :( )
Galarian Pokedex: 400/400
Isle of Armor Pokedex: 210/210
Crown Tundra Pokedex: 210/210
Curry Dex: 151/151
Hidden Alolan Diglett: 151/151
Alcremie Collection: 81/72 (Bonuses: Other 8 Alcremie flavors, Square Shiny Gigantamax)







Honorary Members


My League Card

Code: 0000 0005 YD2G 07

Past League Cards

Past Codes: 0000 0002 82FG 90, 0000 0000 7B4D R5, 0000 0008 4KP9 RT, 0000 0002 13T0 7P, 0000 0003 YMGW YR, 0000 0002 69JT W5

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