Kentin’s Spin-off: A Badly Kept Secret

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

Any without one of the symbols above means I don’t know. However, LoM is actually defaulted to 0 in the Spin-off (it does not effect your main LoM at all) so the LoM changes you get in this do not actually matter! It’s just for fun.

Action Points: 1,340-1,500AP

Illustrations: 1 with Kentin. You need at least 30 LoM with him plus pick certain choices to get the illustration. Keep in mind that LoM DOES NOT RESET during replays of spin-offs (So if you had 15 LoM with Kentin when you finished your first playthrough, you would need to get 30 more– not just 15 more. Count how much his LoM goes up. It must be up 30 points by the end of the spin-off).

At the moment, the choices are still being narrowed down to what matters, but if you just want to get the illustration, this does work (anything not listed has been confirmed to not matter):
Yeah, unlike you…
He was telling the truth, he was aiming for Armin!
How can I make it up to you?
(I answered that I may be able to help him out.)
Don’t give up! The important thing is to get a passing grade!
It reminds of something…
Actually, what did you want to tell me earlier?
It’s unfair to blame me!
I don’t want to leave Kentin alone.
I was really worried about you, you know…
I love you too.

$160 for Outfit

Outfits: 1


The Episode takes place after Kentin’s arc and before the exam results before skipping forward to after the results and the end of school.

THE ANSWERS ARE NOT IN THE SAME ORDER AS BELOW. Please be sure to read the answers and not just pick by the order!

The episode starts with Candy talking to Auntie about her relationship with Kentin and goes into a flashback. Everyone has just gotten out of class and Armin and Alexy decide to have a water balloon fight, tossing them at Kim, Iris, and Castiel respectively before everyone gets involve– Kentin then shields Candy with his body from an incoming water balloon.

Kentin: Oof, looks like I got here just in time… Are you okay?

— I’m fine, but I wasn’t ever in any real danger. -5
— Yeah, unlike you… +5
— Yeah, luckily! /

Kentin tries to get revenge on Armin, but Armin manages to dodge and unfortunately, Castiel gets hit instea–

— He’s telling the truth, he was aiming for Armin! +5 with Kentin
— No need to be so aggressive! -5 with Castiel
— (I keep quiet.) /

Kentin: That’s not who I am, at least not anymore… No more Kentin who’s afraid of half the school.

— You see? It’s not that hard to stand up to Castiel! -5
— It’s not easy admitting your own mistakes. +5
— School is over. It’s a perfect time to get a fresh start! /

After a bit more dialogue, you’ll switch to Kentin’s PoV for a bit while he talks to Alexy.

Alexy: I…

— Are you trying to tell me that nothing will ever be like before again? /
— (I preferred not to say anything.) /
— How can I make it up to you? /

After some more dialogue, take a walk to the Shops area for Kentin to monologue a bit. The game will then skip ahead to after the exam results and Candy’s PoV again.

— (I answered that I may be able to help him out.) / <-- You'll hang out with Kentin
— (I answered that it wasn’t a big deal and that I had planned something with Violette and Iris.) <-- You'll hang out with Violette and Iris

If you’re hanging out with Kentin: 

Head to the High School and then the Library.

Kentin: I know that I’ve never been well-organized with my studying, but now I just don’t have enough time to do it all…

— Maybe, but you are smart, this will be a piece of cake for you! /
— Don’t give up! The important thing is to get a passing grade! +5
— In any case, the exams aren’t that important, as long at you have studies after…

If you’re hanging out with Violette and Iris: 

Head to the Park to meet up with Violette and Iris.

Iris: Say, Violette… It looks like you draw this boy often, right?

— He does look really cute! /
— Is he your boyfriend? /
— Do we know him? /

Violette: I just like to watch him from a distanc– I-If I went to talk to him, I wouldn’t even know what to say.

A.“You’re a great dancer. Do you want to go for a drink?” -5
— You don’t have to talk to him. +5
— “This park is nice in the summer, don’t you think? I come here often to draw, and you?” /

After some more dialogue, head back towards your house where Kentin will surprise you. You will then end up skipping ahead again talking to Aunti– Upon switching to your room, Candy gets a text message from Kentin and he has a surprise for her. Candy changes into a new outfit and then just head outside to follow Kentin’s scavenger hunt. After some monologue outside Candy’s house, head to the Park Entranc–

After some more monologue, you will switch to Kentin’s PoV again. You will then be Candy again and you just need to make your way to the park to meet up with Kentin who has a big surprise for Candy.

Kentin: D-Do you like it?

— It’s quite unexpected! -5
— It reminds me of something… +10
— You’re crazy! +5

Cookie unfortunately causes some issues and after some more dialogue, a little girl shows up crying.

— Where are your parents? /
— Is Napo your lovey? /
— What are you looking for? /

Kentin helps reassure her and takes Lola’s mom’s contact information.

— You could have asked me my opinion.
— I would have preferred to spend time with you, just the two of us… +5
— It looks like I’m going to spend another afternoon looking for a dog… /

After some more dialogue, Candy will call up their friends to get more help for finding Napo, Lola’s dog. You will then have get a choice of who you want to team up with– Kentin will always join a different group than yours.

— (I joined Iris and Armin to help them call the vet offices.) /
— (I joined Alexy and Violette to help them with the posters.) /
— (I joined Priya and Castiel to help them search the park.) /
— (I joined Nathaniel and Kim to accompany them to the pet shop.) /

— Good luck… /
— What, that’s all? +5
— You aren’t doing that to avoid me? -5

If on Armin and Iris’ Team

Head in front of the high school.

Armin: Whatever. What team are you on in Pokemon Go, [Name]?

— Team Valor, red for life! -5 with Armin
— Team Instinct, yellow is the best! +5 with Armin
— I’ll admit that I don’t play Pokemon Go. -5 with Armin
— Team Mystic, go blue! -5 with Armin


If on Alexy’s and Violette’s Team

Head to the Dollar Store (through the game– not clicking it on the map).

— It was for the art day!
— It was for the concert! *
— It was for the play! +5 *
* While the correct answer is technically “It was for the concert”, for some reason, it acts like that’s wrong and C is considered the right answer. Hopefully this is eventually fixed.

After some more dialogue, you’ll make your way to the park.

Violette: B-But, I…

— Alexy, don’t force her. +5 with Violette
— She said she wasn’t interested in him.
— That is a pretty good excuse, actually.

Alexy Ahhh, I’m pretty proud of myself. This is the beginning of a beautiful story between them!

— It’s nothing. You shouldn’t have done that.
— Usually, Cupid is a bit more subtle… +5
— Maybe, but she’s going to hate you for this.

If on Priya’s and Castiel’s Team

— I had just met up with Kentin and she interrupted us. +5 with Priya
— By chance, Kentin was walking his dog in the park when he met her. /
— It doesn’t matter, actually. You should have seen her, it was impossible to say no!

If you picked — I had just met up with Kentin and she interrupted us.:
Castiel: He starts with a super tacky gift and then he suddenly leaves you… Nice!

— He didn’t leave me, we were just interrupted!
— We can’t always be sarcastic to win over someone’s heart. -5 with Castiel
— I don’t think his gifts were tacky, it was rather cute.

Priya: Where should we start?

— The swings.
— The music gazebo. /
— The fountain. /

If on Kim’s and Nathaniel’s Team

Head to the Park Entranc–

— …with Armin. /
— …with Lysander. /
— …with Nathaniel. /
— …with Kentin. /
— …with Castiel. /

After some more dialogue, you’ll be moved to the park.

After, head to the Park Entrance to meet up with everyone els– After even more dialogue, head to your hous–

— (I would prefer for him to take his tim– There’s no need to push him.) /
— Actually, what did you want to tell me earlier? -5
— Do you have anything to tell me? -10

Once done talking to Kentin, head inside your hous– After talking to your family a bit, head to your room. Suddenly, there will be a lot of yelling and you need to head back to the living room.

— It’s unfair to blame me! /
— I have no idea where he could b– /
— Even if I knew where Kentin was, I wouldn’t tell you. /

After even more dialogue, you’ll all head to the Park Entranc– Then head into the park.

Philip: [Name], do you want to stay?
— I don’t want to leave Kentin alon– /
— The search will go faster with two peopl– /
— Don’t worry about m– /

Philip, Lucia, and Guy/Giles will then head off, leaving Candy alone with Kentin.

— I was really worried about you, you know… +5
— What got in to you?! /
— Your dad has quite a horrible temper… /

Kentin: It’s going to break her heart if I have to tell her that I didn’t find anything…

— Don’t say that! Tomorrow is another day! /
— We are exhauste– We should go hom– /
— You aren’t good-for-nothing! You have put in so much effort for this little girl! /

After some more dialogue and successfully finding Napo thanks to Cookie, head to the Shop are–

— I love you too. /
— Even if I don’t feel ready to say it… /

If you have high enough LoM, you will get the illustration shortly after this. After some more dialogue, you’ll be back in your room talking to Aunti– Finish up the dialogue and that finishes up the episode!