Eldarya Valentine’s Day 2020 Guide

The Eldarya event is divided into two parts more or less, an exploration part which one outfit and companion are exclusive to and where you can get more dice for the Board game part which has the outfit, other companion, and illustration. If you’d rather just buy dice, it’s 80 Gold per dice roll. You are given 3 dice to start and need 33 more dice minimum to finish the event (assuming you answer everything correctly the first try). It costs 2,640 Gold if you want to just buy all the dice.

Who you get dialogue with is random, but the order of the questions is not.
Landing on a shirt will get you one of the clothing items, landing on a gift box will get you a random gift (and a companion if you get them all), landing on a speech bubble will get you a trivia question, and clearing every single thing will get you the illustration.


Ezarel: Who is my companion?
Correct Answer: An Alfeli named Taenmil.

Ezarel: Very well. Do you remember what I love to eat most of all?
Correct Answer: Honey, without a doubt!

Ezarel: Yes! How tall am I, in your opinion? Here’s a hint: I’m taller than Nevra, haha…
Correct Answer: I would say 182 cm…

Ezarel: I appreciate a certain quality in people, and even more in women. In your opinion, what is this quality?
Correct Answer: Talent for repartee.


Nevra: Always. Do you know where I lived before coming to HQ in the city of El?
Correct Answer: In the village of Yaqut.

Nevra: So… I know you’ve had the occasion to meet my companion. Can you tell me their name?
Correct Answer: Sheitan!

Nevra: In your opinion, which member of the guard knows me the best?
Correct Answer: Karenn! After all, she’s your sister.

Nevra: It’s up to you if you don’t want to take me seriously, but I’m being sincere. Actually, speaking of flowers, guess which flower I would offer you if I wanted to share my feelings with you?
Correct Answer: A red rose!


Valkyon: Can you give me the name of the guard that I lead?
Correct Answer: Too easy! It’s the Obsidian Guard.

Valkyon: You remember my companion Floppy, right? What species is she?
Correct Answer: A beautiful Musarose!

Valkyon: Ah, yes I know what I was going to ask you. In your opinion, why does the Hanjoō Game make me so uncomfortable?
Correct Answer: Uh… Because you hate talking about yourself?

Valkyon: My head is spinning, it’s strange… I don’t know, it’s you… today, you are particularly…
Correct Answer: A beautiful …Troubling?


Leiftan: What is the main trait of Amaya, my Panalulu?
Correct Answer: They’re a real little pest!

Leiftan: Can you tell me which guard I belong to?
Correct Answer: Easy, it’s the Light Guard.

Leiftan: I know. Do you know my birthday?
Correct Answer: Uh… July 17?

Leiftan: Say, [Name], do you know what I like the most about you?
Correct Answer: My constant modesty?