MCLLL Fairy Item Guide

Episode 0: Good Luck Necklace


Where to find Auntie: She’s already there. You’ll get the item as you play through the tutorial. It can be found near the bench in the park.

AP used: 0

Episode 1: Scottish Rock Skirt


Where to find Auntie: When going to the park to to hang posters, pick the option to take a walk to the Gazebo despite being busy (“(I really want to take a walk near the gazebo, it’s been so long…)”) and you’ll run into Auntie there!

AP used: 56

Episode 2: Panama Hat with Bow


Where to find Auntie: After visiting Crowstorm at the Studio for Hyun’s idea, head to the Restaurant at Shop Street (it’ll be a new area you can click to the left of the screen where the option for Rosa’s & Leigh’s place was in UL).

AP used: 44

Episode 3: Weights

Where to find Auntie: When Candy wants to go to the gym after talking to Eric, head to the Shop Street first.

AP used: Coming soon

Episode 4: Precious Brooch

Where to find Auntie: In the Park before meeting Dan at the restaurant.

AP used: 70

Episode 5: Artist Palette

Where to find Auntie: At the Campus Entrance before heading to Leigh’s shop for an outfit

AP used: 40