MCLLL Date Outfit Guide

Episode 1:

Castiel: (This open-backed dress and my white square-heeled ankle boots, so 70’s!)
Hyun and Rayan: (I love these peg-leg pants, and my mustard-yellow heels go great with them…)
Nathaniel and Priya: (I still haven’t worn these shorts with the embroidered roses on them…)

Episode 2:

Castiel and Priya: The Black dress with the stars and diamond bag
Hyun and Rayan: The white top with the blue skirt and boots.
Nathaniel: The suit

Episode 3:

Castiel and Priya: The black and white outfit with the big earrings
Hyun and Nathaniel: The beige outfit.
Rayan: The Pajamas with the green shirt

Episode 4:

Nathaniel: The partially translucent white hoodie outfit
Priya and Rayan: The orange of the shoulder shirt/tunic outfit
Castiel and Hyun: The black tank top outfit with the snake necklace.