Ooblets Grumboire

This is a WIP

This little page will give a summary of my Ooblets Progress! You can also watch videos of my playthrough over on Youtube.

Name: Jennifer
Level: 24 (As of August 10th)
Badges: 2/3 Helping, 3/3 Oobleting, 2/3 Collecting, 2/3 Exploring, 3/3 Farming, 3/3 Dancing, 2/3 Friendship, 3/3 Crafting
Stickers: All 7 Stickers with everyone at the moment!
Farm: Upgraded
House Size: Current Biggest (3 Rooms)

Ooblet Friends

OobletsCommonUnusualGleamyRequested Item(s)
Shrumbo1 Mosssprouts Malt
Clickyclaws2 Froobtose
Chickadingding1 Glob blob
DooziedugN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
Unnyhunny1 Quib Tart
Gloopylonglegs3 Gembers
PantasbearN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
Moogy2 Pompadoot Juice
Radlad2 Hop Dobs
Petula1 Caroot Cake
TamlinN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
Fripp1 Quib
Wigglewip2 Caroot
Plob2 Muz Flour
Whirlitzer2 Ground Springbeans
Fleeble3 Sporbet
Glanter1 Roast Dregs
Snurfler3 Hyperglob
Marshling3 Gloom bun
Grebun N/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
Derble1 Quib
GullysplotN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
Bristlebud1 Quib
Lumpstump4 Plankets
Firmo1 Quib
GumpleN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
GubweeN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
KingwaN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
Skuffalo3 Dregplants
Sidekey1 Mimpins Metal Mallow
Clomper2 Sweetiebeeties
Bittle1 Peaksnup Pickle
Tud1 Frunbuns Hunbun
LegsyN/A (Barn Dance Tournament/Friendship?)
Namnam1 Gloom Bun
Oogum1 Oodles
Isopud3 Beanjuice
Hermble1 Quib
Nuppo1 Flootikarioka
Spuddle1 Clambrosia
Dumbirb2 Muz
Litzer3 Glob blobs
Wuddlin3 Delislush

Random Screenshots