My Candy Love Halloween 2020 Guide

Anyway, quick guide because I am hyped over a detective event where the only downsides are that Armin isn’t part of it and Candy sucks at staying in character.

You get 3 magnifying glasses a day. Opening up a new location and interrogating someone each cost a magnifying glass. It takes 3 hours to see if you found a clue or it can be rushed for 35AP. You can also use 35AP in the absence of a magnifying glass or to immediately try again if you answer incorrectly.

By interrogating witnesses, you’ll learn information about a suspect. When the bar is full (you need 3 pieces of information), you can question a suspect for more information.


Cabinet of Curiosities – Witness: Father Alexy

Father Alexy: Just tonight, how many wandering souls did she assemble for her séance tonight?

  • Hmm… Besides me, there were three customers. <– CORRECT
  • I think there were five of us in all.
  • Uh… Hang on… Three, including me!

This gets you information on Lady Castiella about how she needs money. You will then find a clue– Priyo’s Handkerchief:

Which also gives you information on Priyo as it likely belongs to him.

Ballroom – Jeeves the Butler

Jeeves: With that you should be able to reconstitute the order of arrival, right? 

(Clue reminder if you want to solve yourself before scrolling down as it’s before this: I’ll tell you this: you arrived just after a man of noble birth.)


  • Yes, I think so… So…. Rayan, Hyun, Priya and then me. Is that it?
  • Yes, I think so. Hyun arrived first, then Rayan, just before me. And finally Priya. <– CORRECT even though Candy sucks at staying in character
  • If I understand correctly… That gives Rayan, Hyun, me and then Priyo.

You then get another piece of information on Lady Castiella about how she uses the Ear Trumpet to listen in to Chani’s séances. You will also get an Ear Trumpet as a clue:

You will then get to pick your favorite color option for the Trustworthy Lady Necklace. It costs 18 Gold for additional colors.

Bathroom – Miss Paltry, Lady Castiella’s Chambermaid. 

Miss Paltry: Did you not hear me? Madam doesn’t like for strangers to wander around her quarters!

  • You care about Lady Castiella, am I right? The faster I’m done, the faster she will find peace again! <– CORRECT
  • But it’s for the investigation. You aren’t going to hinder it, are you?
  • Is that because you are hiding something from me? Do I need to add you to the list of suspects?

You will get new information on Nathan about how he and Chania were arguing about something. You will also find Chania’s Notebook.


Which lets you get another piece of information about Lady Castiella due to finding Chania’s notebook in Lady Castiella’s private quarters/bathroom.

Main Square – Nina, the Papergirl for Daily Anterley

(Clue reminder if you want to solve yourself before scrolling down as it’s before this: The person I’m thinking of doesn’t wear a titfer or a ‘stache Do you see who I’m talking about?)

  • You are thinking of Lady Castiella? <– CORRECT
  • You are thinking of Nathan?
  • You are thinking of Lord Rayan?

You then get some information on Lord Rayan (He was interested in Priyo’s discussions with his grandfather with Chania. You will also find the Wood Chisel.

Which will get you a new clue on Mister Hyun due to finding an artisan tool that was sharpened into a weapon.

Boudoir – Miss Rosa

Miss Rosa: Close your eyes. I’ll think of Mortimer. Tell me what you see! That’s a good test.

(Clue reminder if you want to solve yourself before scrolling down as it’s before this: I really hoped to recreate a connection. I miss him so much… He had such magnificent whiskers.)


  • Hmm… I see… A handsome man! Definitely your type.
  • Was that a dog?
  • Was that a cat? <– CORRECT

You will then get new information about Nathan (Selling a highly priced photo to Miss Rosa). You don’t manage to find a clue, but Miss Rosa lends you the photo she bought from Nathan:

You will also receive the Outcast Madam boots. They cost 45 Gold each for additional colors.

Anterley Pub – Ole Charlie, A member of the Army

Ole Charlie: He has the right to know the secrets of the… Ah… What regiment again? I’m losing my memory…

  • A. Uh… Third regiment of the Bengale Army, right? <– CORRECT
  • B. Uh… Second regiment of the Bengale Army, right?
  • C. Uh… Third regiment of the Kandahar Army, right?

You learn new information about Priyo along with Major Andrews’ Medal as a clue:

You also get the Trustworthy Lady Mittens.

They cost 25 Gold each for additional colors.

Daily Anterley Offices – Nellie Byael, the new Journalist

Nelle Byael: I have to set the ambiance for my readers, you see… But I’m not allowed to access the manor. 

  • No problem. There are six rooms in all!
  • I would say… four!
  • Wait a minute… Five, if I’m not wrong. <– CORRECT

You will get a new information about Priyo (Upset about too many people knowing about the treasure) and this clue that totally isn’t anyone’s heads taped onto a photo:

You also receive new information about Lord Rayan about how close he, Major Andrews, and Charlie were as you can see by this clearly factual picture.

Lord Rayan’s Manor – Sir Culann, Lord Rayan’s friend, Business partner, and Banker

Sir Culann: Uh… Well… It’s not up to me to discuss those matters with a stranger.

  • Um… That’s the reason of someone who’s go something to hide.
  • Come on… Anything you tell me could help your friend!
  • Sorry… I didn’t mean to be indiscreet. Just making conversation… <– CORRECT

You will get new information about Rayan (He’s currently in debt of 400,000 Pounds) along with the clue– an Acknowledgement of Debt:

You will then get the Outcast Madam Top. Additional colors are 38 gold each.

Alley in the Slums – Inspector Kim

(Clue reminder if you want to solve yourself before scrolling down as it’s before this: The truth is that one of the suspects lives around here so I’m here to chat with the neighbours.)

  • I bet it’s Priyo.
  • I bet it’s Mister Hyun. <– CORRECT
  • I bet it’s Lord Rayan.

You learn new information about Mr. Hyun (He was roaming around the manor multiple times) and also find a Locket with Photo (The engraving says it’s Mr. Hyun’s wife, Eleanor, who passed away two years ago.

You also get the Trustworthy Lady Hat. Additional colors are 32 gold each.

Nathan’s Attic – Raphy, Nathan’s brother and roommate. 

Raphy: Actually, tell me, how do you know Nathan? It’s obvious you aren’t from around here.

  • Well, Raphael, I’m really impressed! What an actor! You should make acting your career…
  • Raphy… May I say that you are a real fine character. <– CORRECT.
  • I was surprised to find you here. I didn’t know you knew Chani…

You find new information about Mr. Hyun (He dislikes psychics and wanted to fight Nathan). You also find a new clue, an Ectoplasm mask:

This clue lets you find new information about Nathan as it looks very similar to the photo he sold Miss Rosa.


Once you have three pieces of information, you can question the suspects.

Lady Castiella: Since all my staff has decided to betray me…

  • (I don’t think that Miss Paltry is involved in this affaire. But her version does hold up, unfortunately…)
  • Tell me… I thought of something… You said that you offered Chania to stay in the West wing? <– CORRECT
  • I don’t think so. Miss Paltry has too much respect for you. She admires you, you know.

You will receive the Outcast Maiden Pants. Additional pairs will be 60 gold each.

Mister Hyun: And I decided that interrupting the séance would be enough. You have to believe me. I’m not a murderer… 

  • I don’t know… You arrived first. You would have had the time to commit the crime and throw away the weapon. <– CORRECT
  • I don’t know… You could have had another weapon.

You will then get the Trustworhy Lady Dress. Additional ones cost 90 Gold each.

Nathan: Wouldn’t you have done the same thing in my position? 

(Clue reminder if you want to solve yourself before scrolling down as it’s before this: When customers asked me if I had that type of item in the shop… I didn’t think twice and jumped at the occasion. But you have to see the sum of money that old girl was ready to pay!)


  • Never in my life. I’m not immoral!
  • I could almost understand… If it wasn’t just another lie! <– CORRECT
  • Looking at it like that… It’s almost understandable.

You will get the Trustworthy Lady Boots. Additional boots cost 45 gold each. You will also get the Trustworthy Lady Wig if that was the last peice you needed to finish the set. Additional wigs cost 90 gold each.

Priyo: That’s ridiculous! You have no proof!

  • Yes, that’s true it may just be a coincidence… You are quite unlucky, then…
  • There is still something that bothers me about all this… <– CORRECT
  • No. And yet, if you consider that you came earlier, everything makes sense…

You will get the Outcast Madam Jacket. Additional colors cost 47 gold each.

Lord Rayan: 

  • Admit that you wanted to cheat Priyo and get your hand on the treasure!
  • And I think that you didn’t learn anything that way, so you decided to kidnap Chania.  <– CORRECT

You will get the Outcast Madam Hat. Additional colors are 35 gold each. If this was the last piece of the Outcast Madam outfit, you will also get the Outcast Madam wig. Additional colors cost 60 gold each.


After interrogating everyone, you will be taken outside to make your final judgement of who you think is the culprit.

Chania: So… According to you, who made Chania disappear? And why…?

  • I think I figured it out. In my opinion, it’s Castiella who kidnapped her to get information about the treasure.
  • In my opinion, it’s Nathan who made her disappear to protect his little business of fake objects.
  • It’s obvious that it’s Lord Rayan. He kidnapped Chania to get information on Priyo’s treasure.
  • I think it was Mister Hyun! He didn’t like psychics so he got revenge.
  • I think it was Priyo. He is so obsessed by the treasure that he kidnapped Chania… <– CORRECT

You will then be rewarded the group illustration! Congratulations, Sherlock!