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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Snooow~

So, while I’m nearly better, I still have a bit of a cold which has made getting things done not go as well as I’d like it to. Regardless, I’m still trying to at least get some things done and so I’m still slowly continuing my progress in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

For one, the Plum Coat FINALLY shows up for me:

I’ll probably be wearing it until something new comes in that I really like.

I also got the Concert Stage and Treehouse both to level 5 so now I have all current amenities maxed out:

Really wish we could place more amenities/increase our camp site’s size…

Four new villagers were added recently so I quickly got them hosted:

And it’s officially snowing in the game now:

It’s so pretty :D

As it is, the next big update is already on the way with new villagers, the gardening feature, and clothing crafting:

To be honest, I’m not too excited for Gardening yet. Besides the implications of it being a very friend-heavy system (and the friend system is just… such a pain to go through right now–really needs some Quality of Life enhancements), gardening has always been my least favorite part of most games with it. I find it a bit too boring and repetitive. Plus, being allergic to most flowers and things probably adds to it.

I’m wondering what point the garden may be, but maybe they’ll be used for the clothing making or something. Speaking of which…

I really do adore the Fluffy Dress so I hope that really will be available and I can make it pretty quickly…

I’m guessing for the new villagers, we’ll see Mitzi and Marshall at the least since Mitzi was the only cat from the datamine and was on a banner with Marshall. I’m not sure how many others we’ll see (There’s still 7 villagers left from the 11 datamined–we already got the first four), but I’m excited and also a bit sad as I still have… so many villagers to level up.

I definitely want to try and start using my request tickets and stuff more (and playing more in general), but it’s a bit frustrating as I’ve just been… super unlucky with spawns and way too often whatever I need just vanishes and going through the friend’s list to check shops is very… convoluted :( I just wish it all worked a bit smoother.


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