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November 9, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Days 11-14 and Discussing Upcoming Features & Other Rambling

So, despite being on vacation, I actually managed to finish several of my big goals recently. For one, I got the last several villagers I needed hosted to have all 40 currently available:

Nothing too special happens with the 40th which makes me feel it’s even more likely they’ll add more in the future:

I also managed to make the final amenity:

I still need to upgrade them all, of course, but that’s a low priority. I’l probably work on fully upgrading the Merry-Go-Round first and then do the others whenever I have enough.

I managed to get Bitty and Sandy high enough for their crafting items so now thanks to them and Fauna, I’ve gotten some of the items I’ve wanted most:

And I finally caught an Emperor Butterfly!

So, now I’ve caught at least one of each rare.

I also finished all current stretch goals. Nothing special happens when you do so I’m sure more will be added eventually there as well.

I haven’t quite decided my next goals though. I think I mainly want to try and gather more stuff up, though, it’s still a bit frustrating with the inventory slot issues. While inventory limits are a thing in normal AC, AC isn’t as resource-heavy as this game and you can drop things on the floor or fill your house or do a lot of things which are not an option in this game whatsoever.

I’m also going to work on unlocking all the crafting recipes for each villager and then slowly work on getting each to level 20. I’d love to get Peanut to level 20 first since she’s the only one of my favorites currently in the game. And I really want to work on fully upgrading my RV even if it doesn’t do much–I need 150K for my current expansion and the next and final two apparently cost 200K and 250K respectively so I need… 600K to pay them all off and I wish I was better at earning bells :(

I just really want to make an RV and Camp I’m proud of. I still haven’t really made up my mind with how I want it to look and I’m struggling a lot with it–the randomness of the items available (and not many that really flow together well in my opinion) just makes it even harder.

That said, I still think the game can definitely use some quality of life improvements and re-evaluate some of the balancing. 20 Leaf Tickets for 1 Essence or to increase your inventory by 5 slots feels like a lot. I can at least understand the 15 for nets and honey since it gives you 10 things so that’s less than 2 per catch. On the otherhand, I still get a bit frustrated when I get things like this:

The “rare” fish don’t seem very rare or even uncommon when I get more of them than any of the “common” fish including the one I even bought that net for…

I wish I could easily give my friends Kudos–even just a “send to all” button. Unfortunately, it’s just super slow right now and there’s no real benefit from it. The only benefit Kudos give is for yourself and only however many you need for the daily. Your friends get nothing from it beyond the little notification that they received one. And loading takes long enough between just clicking your friend and loading their camp. It’s just long and convoluted and lacks any actual pay-off for anyone beyond the daily goal. The friend system in general is just kind of lacking–I wish I could sell all kinds of things to my friends, not just gatherables.

Similarly, looking at people’s markets is also a pain due to more loading and not even always seeing their full market when you click the user… To make things worse for both this and Kudos giving is the organization of the Friend’s list. They organize it by “Last online/played” time which is great for clearing out your friends list (after all, there is a limit of 100), but makes it very hard to keep track of who you checked already and who you didn’t since you get scrolled back to the start every single time you click someone.

I mean, even the Quarry lending a hand requests–while the last online works great for who to send to (though, a “send to all” button would be amazing), it’s annoying to scroll through and look for shovels to lend the hand to everyone. There should be a separate thing to see who sent requests or even an Accept all button at the top.

Speaking of Accept alls… Not only do you need to accept quests manually, you then need to claim your gits from the mailbox. You have to do this for the Quarry too to receive your rewards. And it’s just… why? Why not just give them to you when you finish like how villagers give you items? It’s just a really odd choice.

And on the subject of the quarry… I do think there should be more than one free one available a day. Maybe just require it to be 5 different friends who need to accept each time or something. Similarly, it’d be nice if you could pay to “make up” for people–so like 12 if you only got two friends to help and still need three more slots filled.

Organization in general with the game is a pain. Furniture and Clothing is just listed by what you got most recently… Which can make it hard to check if you’ve already bought something. Similarly, the Catalog also has very… unique ways it decided to categorize everything which makes it all the more confusing. It’s very hard to keep track of things and I wish there were better organizational systems or even the shop keepers mentioning if you bought something previously.

Finally, I have mixed feelings on the shopping system. I can deal with just 3 items, but I kind of wish that:
1. They refreshed every 3 hours instead of every 6 hours (Similarly, it’d be nice if fruit was on that schedule too instead of 3 hours from when you last shook it… so if you shook it an hour before rollover, it’d only have an hour left to grow…)
2. Kicks, Labelle, and Sable & Mabel were always there along with Timmy and Tommy. The small stock is hard enough without those three shops constantly swapping out.

I’d love if we could upgrade the shops at some point to maybe make it so they can be around more or have more for sale at a time. Crafting clothes is clearly coming soon as the menu outright says to:

Of course, while things may seem small now–just 40 villagers, about 300 pieces of furniture, about 160 pieces of clothing (I demand more dresses), and only 13 Amenities, more is clearly coming besides what I just mentioned above. I mean, one of first things they showed us in the direct?

Cabana furniture isn’t in yet and yet, there’s the lamp. Same goes for the Cabin furniture and Cabin Couch. More wallpaper and flooring than we have right now is shown throughout the Direct as well.

Of those, we only have the Lovely Wallpaper and the two carpets.

Then there’s things we don’t really have more info on like Gardening and Holiday-furniture–both Christmas based and some more Japanese Cultural based ones. It’s very likely we’ll see some kind of events in the future.

So, I’m excited to see what’s to come and considering the amount of Quality of Life adjustments they made to Fire Emblem Heroes, I’ll keep my hopes up.

November 4, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Days 3-10

So, things have been a bit slower since our last update, but I figured I’d work on getting this done with some recent accomplishments!

First of all, I’ve hit level 44. I stopped getting new villagers at level 36 because there’s currently only 40 in the game, but I’m sure they’ll add more. Speaking of villagers, I now have 33 that can be hosted and just 7 left to go:

I have to say, being able to play automatically is a godsend since I can just have it put them away after and restore my layout without ruining everything and thank god.

I also managed to get all the tier 2 amenities to level 5:

And even created most of the final tiers of each:

I still need more Cool Essences for the Cool one (which are also used to level up the Merry-go-Round…) and I’ve been having a terrible time earning them sadly. Finally started stocking up on cute ones somehow at least. Also I love this little rubber ducky by the pool:

Too cute. It’s grown out of it’s little kiddie pool to the big pools now. I really wish we could place more amenities though, honestly. Two feels too few at this point :/ Three would be nice (though, I’d love four or five…). Maybe one day we can make the campsite itself bigger.

Fun random moments:

And more fun gifs:

I also just really want to highlight these two seashell ones:

I want that seashell necklace and the seashell collection case to be actual items, please.

And I finally got the pink top and white tights so now I feel at least more… color matching, but wow do I wish there were better clothes in this game, honestly:

I’ve also finally started putting some stuff in my RV so Renae can stop pointing it out :P

One thing I’ve been working on now, besides getting all the villagers in and trying to get them all to at least 15 for their crafting recipe (and earning cool essences) is trying to get all the rarer fish/bugs:

For the most part, I think I’ve gotten nearly all of them now: Koi, Rainbow Trout, Football Fish, Tuna, Blowfish Jewel Beetle, and Miyama Stag. And the more Uncommon ones but still are labeled as Rare: Black Bass, Red Snapper, Horned Dynastid
The only one I believe I’m still missing is the Emperor Butterfly which I’ve seen once, but my phone just… completely freaked out and didn’t register my tapping and this is why I hate touch screens :| In the end, I “took too long” and it flew away and I’m still bitter about it.

I’m also pretty close to having all the furniture made to move the last 7 villagers in–some I even have it all, but just need to get them to Friendship level 7. What I still need to make: Floor Seat, Kotatsu, Natural Table, Natural Table, and a Green Net. That’s it. I just need way more Cotton and Wood than I have:
-Natural Table: 120 Wood, 3 Natural Essences
-Kotatsu: 60 Wood, 60 Cotton, 3 Natural Essences
-Floor Seat: 90 Wood, 90 Cotton
-Natural Chair – 120 Cotton, 3 Natural Essences
-Green Net – 60 Metal, 60 Cotton, 3 Sporty Essences
Total: 270 Wood, 60 Metal, 330 Cotton, 9 Natural Essences, and 3 Sporty Essences. I’m good on Metal and Sporty Essences, but not so much the rest :/

I could make some of the other items I want, but I feel like keeping supplies up is just such a pain and I don’t feel right crafting random things for me when there’s still incomplete goals so to speak. While I find the timers reasonable, I find it hard to keep up with things sometimes because of it. I wish the fruit timers stayed aligned with the moving timers for one. But it’s hard to stock up on things when you keep hitting inventory limits. And while, yes, inventory limits have always been in the game, we also could litter the town or our house or storage with fruits–none of those options exist in the game. Even if I shake all the trees to keep fruit at the bottom to give me some extra fruit to work with, sometimes it’s still not enough because everyone wants 3 oranges and I only have 6 for the entire time period unless I buy more fertilizer.

I can already sense how annoying it will be when I’ll only have a handful of villagers to get to level 20 to with the randomness of it all x__x

In the meantime, I hope to pay off my next loan soon… I need 150 for it and they upgraded my first floor again. I’m really curious just how many are in the game… But I don’t really have a good way to earn bells yet :/

November 1, 2017

Style Savvy 4 finally announced for the US! :D

So, as many of you who probably read this blog and/or are subscribed to my Youtube Channel, I have been very… vocal about my upsetness that Japan and PAL regions were getting the game this month while North America had yet to hear anything. However, that changed today with an announcement that not only would we be getting Style Savvy 4–now known as Style Savvy: Styling Star, but we’ll be getting it next month on Christmas Day.

Sure, it’s still a month after the rest of the world, but a month is much better than over a year. I think, if anything, I’m more upset that the game will be eShop download only–I prefer physical copies of games so I’m not super thrilled with having to download it. That said, I will happily take that over not getting it at all.

There’s even a demo out right now so if you haven’t yet, go download it! It’ll help show support for one as the game does not get advertised enough here. If you don’t have a 3DS yet, I uploaded my entire demo playthrough and even the other song ending you can get on my channel :)

But yes, this is my adorable Demo character (and probably what I’ll go with when the actual game comes out too):

The game genuinely does feel like a combination of the best parts of both Trendsetters and Fashion Forward. I really missed seeing the room actions:

And I can’t wait to decorate my room again.

We have the town interactions from 3 as well!:

And honestly, the songs are genuinely pretty catchy so I can’t wait to hear the other songs in the game. While I like the rock song more, I do think girly fits Rosie more so that’s probably what I’m going to go with in the main game.

The game has its own date system which I’m actually really happy with (and hope it’s not just a demo thing)–the issue with Trendsetters was that it only cared about the month real-time-wise which meant you could finish the game and never actually leave the same month. Similarly, even real-time-wise, you could usually beat the game with the first Style Savvy and Fashion Forward within the first season with only a few things needed from others. I feel like an actual separate date and time progression will fit the game much better.

I don’t really have too much to say otherwise beyond that I hope checking out people’s shops online won’t be region locked and that we’ll actually get all the DLC this time (I can dream). Regardless, I’m just so excited and knowing the game is only about 7 weeks away is super exciting.

October 27, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Day 2 Recap

Continuing along, we have our day 2 recap which… may be our last full recap unless I start like… documenting every single request I do. Regardless, I’ll go over my accomplishments in the last 24 hours, current things, and also why I haven’t actually streamed the game like I hoped to.

So, the main goal of Day 2 was essentially extreme Amenity Building. As I mentioned last time, I had hit the level limit with some of the Villagers and so, I needed to start working on every Essence’s Tent to get that level cap up. Thanks to a donation to buy some leaf tickets, I was able to not only max out each tent, but get the first level of each of the next tier of amenities which are what I’m struggling to level up now.

Right now, Cool and Natural are at level 3, Sporty is at level 2, and Cute is at level 4. I’d love to get Cute to level 5 today and maybe even make the Merry-Go-Round, but Cute Essences are the… worst to earn and I still need 12 more just to get the Tree Swing to level 5 (not to mention it’ll take 48 hours on top of that).

I actually used to have a lot of Sporty Essences, but had to start selling them because I had too small of a space for them an you got so many for early goals. Speaking of goals, I only have four left which are all placing furniture type goals–I need to place 4 of each of the Polka-dot Series, Sleek Series Kiddie Series, and Blue Series to finish them off. I’ll get 10 Leaf Tickets for each one.

Thus, there are only two ways for me to get essences right now without spending real money:
-Befriending villagers (Which, thanks to the Amenity building, I can now get each of them to level 15)
-Shovelstrike Quarry (where you’re lucky if you get more than one) – Not only is it random which kind (though, it at least tells you in advance), you can only play once a day for free/through friends. You can only play every 3 hours if you pay with Leaf Tickets (a cost of 20) to access it.
-Or, of course, you can use Leaf Tickets to make up the cost of Essences missing. However, For every Essence you’re missing, it’s 20 Leaf Tickets, so if you’re only missing about four, that’s still 80 tickets.

You can technically sometimes get them randomly when talking to a villager at your camp as well, but I find it’s quite rare.

I feel like Everything involving Essences are just very very broken. You need to make all the buildings to continue to level up through leveling up your friendship with villagers, but that same way is exactly the main way you’re supposed to earn them in the first place. The cost is way too much with Leaf Tickets and it also sucks that you can’t really sell to friends. Many of my friends aren’t bothering with Cute Villagers at all and have a large amount of spare Cute Essences, but unfortunately, you can only sell Fruit, Bugs, Seashells, and Fish to other players.

This seems like… such a huge oversight because wow would I love to sell clothes or help friends when there’s stuff being sold that I don’t want that they might. And also crafting stuff too? But nope, not possible! There’s not tons of friend activity in this game and while I can understand most of it, the limit on what we can sell to each other is silly. (Also, on a side note, I wish we could tell if we gave Kudos to a friend already… That way I won’t revisit someone I already gave kudos to after they give kudos to me again… Similarly, a tab just to see who needs a hand rather than searching through your friend’s list).

In the end, I spent nearly all my Platinum Points on MyNintendo for stuff in the game as you can get crafting materials and bells and Bells continue to be the bane of my existence in this game only second to Essences.

A good amount of that money I actually ended up putting towards my loan at OK Motors.

I had expected the 50K one to be the last, but now I have a 100K loan after they increased the first floor of my RV again… I’m guessing the next upgrade will be increasing the upstairs to match, but I’m curious if that will be it or there will be more. I really want to know what happens when you finish, but who knows when I’ll have 100,000 to pay this one off–let alone future ones.

In the meantime, I managed to move two more villagers in. It’s mostly slow right now because beside bells and crafting material issues, the timers have gotten… so long for like 90% of what I’m trying to make. Right now I have one item at 5 hours, one item at about 4 hours, and another at 2 hours… Many have been 8-12 hours at this point and this is one of the biggest parts of why I’m not really streaming it.

Right now, I’m kind of stuck. My inventory is full so all I can really do if there’s no new requests is run around catching things and immediately having to sell them. Earning coins is just so slow this way too as most items just do not sell for much and it’s better to put them to requests so it just genuinely feels like a waste. And even with shaking trees, I’ve only found bells that way once now.

Maybe I progressed too fast, who knows, but with the long crafting times and full inventory, I’m mostly just… waiting and that’s not really much to show at all.

I was very happy to unlock Peanut at least and I just… buried her in requests (finally using my request tickets) until I could. She’s the only one of my favorite villagers available right now so…

Next, I’m hoping to focus on getting Sandy, Bitty, and Hopkins leveled up. Mostly because I really want their level 15 gifts–Sandy gives the Afternoon Tea Set, Bitty gives the outside Light-up Heart, and Hopkins gives a cool gameboy thing. I hope Sandy will show up again soon–haven’t seen her in a while and I sadly used all of my call tickets already :/ (And it’s 30 to call a villager without one…)

Also, as you may have noticed from some of the pictures, I found an outfit I’m okay with for now:

There’s a lot I’m hoping to get though. I think the Bubblegum Shirt and the White Tights are my biggest priorities and maybe one of the boots too.

I’ve also finally decorated my RV a tiny bit:

But I’m still going to hold off doing so fully until I unlock more villagers and stuff.

And finally, another cute screenshot to end on:

October 26, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Day 1 Recap

And well, a little bit of Day 2. Now that I’ve played the game for nearly a full day, I really wanted to expand more on everything, talk about what I’ve done so far, and just other random thoughts. I do still think the balancing is the game’s biggest issue right now, but that doesn’t really make it less fun. You can find a playlist of a bunch of my playtime over on Youtube (though, you can watch straight from the site too).

So, for starters, let’s go over what I HAVE done. I’m currently level 19 and I have 11 Campers hosted thus far. And unsurprisingly, my character should look pretty familiar:

Now if I could… just get an outfit I really liked. To start, I had this cute sweater:

But I’m wearing this dress now:

Which works, but I want something cuter. And with long sleeves.

Unfortunately, the only things you can sell to other players/friends are items you can gather–fish, bugs, fruit, and seashells. You can’t help eachother with crafting supplies, clothing, or furniture which seems like a huge miss. Not to mention, anything you put up for your market is gone forever. If it doesn’t sell, your only option is to destroy it so don’t use it for storage when you get low on space which will happen a lot.

Honestly, I absolutely hate the limit on gatherables due to how many requests use them up and you will run out of them very quickly. Some are also rarer to even get and it’s just a huge pain to have to run into limits and then toss things which you are very likely to need again soon.

Anyway, going back to my own playthrough, I decided to pick the Cute theme–I was stuck between that and Natural, but Cute was pink sooooo :P This meant my first friend would be Rosie:

During some requests, you’ll get cute scenes like this similar to Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. They also make adorable gifs:

I’m definitely hoping to make more gifs of some of them, but here’s a collection of some I haven’t done gifs of:

But yes, this was my original camp layout due to picking Cute:

And there’s just so many cute tidbits in this game such as calling up characters and just getting a box out of nowhere:

And the new fishing nets and honey things are amazing and need to be in a main game:

Anyway, after Rosie I managed to unlock several other characters too:

Also your pose when you level-up is adorable:

Unfortunately, despite all the emotions and interactions you can see your villagers doing, your own character doesn’t really interact as much nor can they emote outside of cutscenes.

You can also run into other people’s characters as well–both friends and random people:

One thing I wished I did sooner was head over to OK Motors as you actually can customize your RV for free:

Of course, I ended up switching to a fancier special design that I saved up quite a bit for:

I kind of wish I could combine the two somehow… One nice thing as well is once you buy a design, you can ALWAYS switch back to it for free which is great. Your RV even has some furniture to start, though, I ended up emptying it for now. I’m not sure what I want to go for just yet with it, but because I will need to make extra of some pieces of furniture, I want to unlock as much as I can first.

I also love the climbing ladder animation when you get the second floor. I can’t wait to upgrade my RV again… but I need to pay off 30K for the second floor first.

The game also features special items which allow certain special Villagers to show up. They cost Leaf Tickets and are only around for a limited time (though, they might return in the future). Right now, items for Tom Nook and K.K. Slider are available:

Focusing back on the campsite itself, I managed to finally get the Cute Tent:

And this actually leads into a bit of one of my most frustrating things with this game: Requiring buildings people may not want. You can only build one amenity at a time and they cost *a lot* to build and take quite a bit of time. The tent takes 12 hours for level 1, instant for level 2, but 12 more hours for level 3 (the max level). And you need a Level 3 Tent of each Essence type (Cute, Sporty, Natural, and Cool) in order to unlock more amenities (which continues for each tier–you then need to max out the level of whatever Amenity you made to get the next tier of that essence’s amenity). The Tree Swing, which is the Tier 2 Cute item, takes 48 hours to make. The Merry-go-Round is the next cute item which requires that Tree Swing to get to level 5.

So far, I have the Level 3 Cute Tent:

The Natural Tent at level 1:

And I’m currently building the Tree Swing which has over 45 hours to go… The thing is, even if maybe you don’t want those items, the Villager’s friendship levels are locked to them. You can only get a villager to level 7 without building their tent. And only to level 10 after building the tent until you build the next tier item which allows them to get to level 15. I’m assuming there will be one more item that allows them to get to 20 which is max level. And all villagers have “friendship” prizes–one at level 7, one at level 9, one at level 10, and one at level 20. Level 7 is always a shirt, either the one they are wearing or one similar/matching their style, level 9’s is always a Sparkle Stone which are used in some of the rarer crafting recipes, level 10’s is a crafting recipe, and level 20 is their photo.

Right now, I have Cherry maxed out at level 7 and because I can only make one Amenity at a time, I can’t work on it right now (I’m also out of cotton after making the Natural Tent…) because I’m still waiting for my Tree Swing to finish :/ On top of that, I’ve found Cute Essence to be the hardest for me to earn, partially as you get less requests from those at your camp site which means less opportunities to essentially level them up for more chances. I also swear there’s less quests that give some and it shows up less at the Quarry, but maybe that’s just me.

Overall, it’s not only just a massive brick wall, but also frustrating to get things I’ll never really use. I get why it’s like this–especially as it’s one of the biggest features, but it is a bit disappointing regardless.

I’m definitely still having fun, but that does put a damper on things and it’s the first time I’ve been super tempted to just buy a bunch of Leaf Tickets or something because this just really sucks. I also can’t decide what to put my bells towards–loans, more furniture for hosting characters, the amenities, or clothing and things. Bells are such a pain to earn–mostly coming just from requests and the Quarry, and you really don’t earn much from selling things you get which makes it just kind of disappointing and I’m much more… nervous about them. Right now, I mainly want to get these tents done because I don’t want to hit more friendship caps so that’s my current goal, but the long amenity wait is just… absolutely awful.

On a brighter note, here’s a cute screenshot to finish this off:

October 25, 2017

More Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp thoughts

Though, this time, after playing for several hours. For whatever reason, Australia ended up putting it up for download on the Google Play Store today instead of next month when it was planned. Because Animal Crossing is a real time game, I didn’t want to miss out on anything so I did my best to download it as well (I just… hope I can change my country in the game to match properly so I can connect it to my Nintendo Account…).

After playing it, while I had a lot of fun, I also felt a bit… bored at points too. The game feels very sectioned in a way and I don’t know if it’s intentional or part of the fact that this is technically a month early.

To explain what I mean, everything is kind of on a 3-4 hour rotation. Villagers on the map switch, shop merchandise switches, trees grow fruit back, etc. You do have a inventory limit as well (at least for things like bugs, fish, fruit, and seashells–about 105 total) so you can’t just stock up on everything in advance either.

In general, what I’ve found I’m having the hardest time earning is just… bells. NPCs only buy furniture (which cost money to even make and because you unlock more villagers visiting your campsite through items, I’d rather not sell any until I have everyone incase items are used again) and most of the gatherables sell for very little (Anywhere from 10-100). When you get about 100 or so from completing quests, it just feels more worth it to save everything until you get a request from a villager asking for things.

And between the item limits, smaller split up areas (I really hope we can upgrade our campsite at some point to have more room to place things), and the bell problems, I feel like there’s a lot of artificial waiting that even the Leaf Tickets don’t really help with. As it is, I’ve found it cost a ridiculous amount more for a few missing crafting supplies versus speeding something up. I had to spend about 80 for 3-4 Essences I was short of, but if I wanted to speed up the 12 hour build, it only would’ve been 55 which seems really odd to me.

It’s possible they’re still trying to balance it all out and I do think most of my “issues” can be sorted out with some patches and updates as the game goes on, but right now I just wish I could find better ways to earn bells.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to start putting everything away except for whatever villager I am trying to attract until I figure out how I want my camp site to look in the first place.

On a different note, clothing seems to be based on face type again and if anyone gets a nice pink top or dress and some white tights (and ballet slippers or cute shoes) they can sell me, let me know ;~;

Let’s talk about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

So, chances are, you already know there was a special Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct late last night (or early this morning for those in the UK), but if not, I highly recommend heading over to watch it. Also, go pre-register now if you haven’t yet.

I mentioned a while back that I was a bit apprehensive about an AC mobile game. Not because I didn’t think it’d be good or my general aversion to mobile games, but because AC could easily fit into a lot of terrible tropes in mobile gaming involving awful energy bars, lots of waiting, and not much to do or even being a very puzzle focused game focusing more on minigames than any of the big aspects of Animal Crossing itself.

In a way, I was partially right–the game does seem very “Kingdom Builders” style with its crafting, earning craft materials through quests and gathering/general grinding, and building up an area, but the thing is: There’s no energy bar in sight which is a really good thing. And while some things WILL have a timer (Amenities):

The good thing is there will be a lot of other things you can do in the meantime. You can fish, you can bug catch, you can gather stuff, you can help villagers, you can craft some other things.

There’s so many options and with the game being real time too, you also have a lot of time to do it.

While you’ll mostly be customizing a camp site, there’s a lot of great new interactive items–a pool, a merry go round, a skate park… And seeing the villagers interact with them in all new ways is just really awesome??

I love seeing things get expanded like this and making the villagers feel more real in a way.

Speaking of which, friendships you can grow with villagers! I love that you can essentially lure them to your camp site and then they can continue to show up randomly for you to befriend.

I think my only worry is if they may lose friendship if you don’t play for a while. I really hope that isn’t the case (and they didn’t say anything that made it sound like such a thing), but I can’t help and worry regardless. I hope I can befriend every villager though–especially my favorites.

Catalog completion also makes a return!

Which is always a favorite past time for me.

Of course, a mobile game can’t be a mobile game without some micro transactions :P Regardless, I don’t think they look too bad. Leaf Tickets can be used to get things like nets (makes fishing easier), honey (makes bug catching easier), speed up things, and/or craft even if you may be missing some items. You can earn them ingame as well.

The prices genuinely aren’t terrible though.

Also I love the net and honey features and I hope those make their way into a future AC game.

Finally, I’m SO happy we have our own little “house” to decorate??

Sure, it’s just a mobile trailer, but you can decorate the inside, outside, and even upgrade it and I’m thrilled with that.

But yes, I can’t wait until late November for it :) I’ll rush through Ultra Moon and hopefully have Super Mario Odyssey done by then and the game can help distract me from my sadness about Style Savvy 4. With it being real time, I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time in it ^___^ And seeing what other new things await. We already saw some new NPCs with the trailers, so who knows if we’ll see some new villagers in general. I hope there will be nice new clothing too!

September 13, 2017

On the latest Nintendo Direct…

In general, I went in expecting nothing so I expected to either be pleasantly surprised or okay with whatever was shown–maybe some things would excite me, but I wouldn’t end up upset or frustrated or disappointed. AND YET SOMEHOW THAT HAPPENED ANYWAY…

Before I get to that though, you can check out the Nintendo Direct by clicking here. I’ll also talk about some of the other things first before I get to why I’m frustrated.

So, for one, we got some new Pokemon news… And I’ll admit, I just… don’t care. At most, I’m excited for new customization and Pikachu Valley which looks really pretty:

I’m just really hoping for better hairstyles especially. And it’d be nice to see other Pokemon costumes like a Mega Audino lolita-princess dress, but Mega Audino never gets any love so I don’t know why I’m hoping.

But… I want to know if the story is actually a new tale or if it’s just added areas. That’s all I want to know and that’s the one thing that is constantly being stepped around. I don’t care about new Pokemon forms. I’m tired of new Pokemon. Pokemon fusion is dumb and I didn’t like it in B/W2 either. I just want to know if the story is different because I don’t think I want to play Sun/Moon again otherwise.

Next up is Lady Layton/Layton’s Mystery Journey which will be coming out for the 3DS early October. Even though I bought the Mobile version and all the DLC, I’m much more excited for the 3DS version and the Flora costume:

I still wish it came out worldwide here like it did in Japan :/ Considering it’s supposed to be the same content and the mobile version is voice acted too, I don’t really understand the delay.

Then I was very surprised by the Mario Party announcement…

I’m curious if it’s just the minigames or has an actual normal Mario Party mode too with favorite courses. I’d really like that, though, I think I would’ve preferred to see this on the Switch then the 3DS.

After that, was the Snipperclips DLC announcement which looked fun, some stuff on Dragon Quest Builders coming to Switch which I still want to try, and Project Octopath Traveler which looks interesting, but I’m still not sure if I’d personally play it.

We then came down to Super Mario Odyssey stuff which I’m just so excited for.

The worlds look amazing. I can’t wait to collect souvenirs:

And between the playing with a dog and jumping into paintings (I have so much love for Super Mario 64), it just looks so good and I can’t wait.

I also really like this pouch and kind of want it, even if I’d prefer a different color:

Now onto why I’m so frustrated… And the answer is, well, this:

A trailer for Girls Mode 4 (The Style Savvy series here) which was also showed during Europe’s Nintendo Direct as New Style Boutique 3, but absent from the US one.

It comes out November 2nd in Japan and November 24th in Europe. And maybe eventually in the US? For reference, the last game came out in April 2015 for Japan, November 2015 for Europe + Australia, and August 2016 for the US–nearly a year after Europe’s release despite it being a literal port using European terms, brand names, and spelling along with other edits they made (such as appearance changes to the characters).

And so that’s what I’m expecting here. Maybe we’ll see it in 2018, who knows, but I’m so angry about it because I LOVE that series and for some reason, we’re not also getting it in November? We are already ignored for the DLC by quite a bit. Why does Nintendo of America hate this game so much? I really want to know. I’d love to be receiving it November too, even if it’s just a port, but if we’re not, at least bother localizing it this time. Or explain why we’re once again stuck waiting.

Personally, I would’ve rather seen it on the Switch than on the 3DS again (and it’s only been two years since the last one in Japan… And I’m guessing because we got 3 so late is part of why we have to wait longer, but I genuinely don’t care and just find this upsetting), but it still looks really nice. There’s a new vocalized theme song, your choices have a lot more influence on the game’s stories, and the cutscenes look more varied too.

But we’re stuck waiting. Again. For who knows why. And it just… it really sucks. I’m not going to get a European version just to play it, but I just… need to impatiently wait for now I suppose. :/

September 4, 2017

Anaheim Adventures – Disneyland and Pokemon Worlds

So, I’m still a bit out of it, but I wanted to go ahead and write up about our trip about two weeks ago! In general, it seems I’m still kind of hit or miss when it comes to going to Worlds… but we’ll get to that more later.

We left early Thursday morning. I took a picture because I thought the sky looked pretty, but the picture kind of sucks. You get to see it anyway though :P

The flight was… not too great, unfortunately. It was bumpy, our allergies were sent into a mess due to someone wearing too much perfume, and we ended up getting off exhausted.

To make matters worse, we took the wrong shuttle to the hotel and after driving around for nearly an hour around the airport because the driver wanted to find another party first, we finally headed to the hotel. Thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic, but that didn’t stop them from charging us a ridiculous amount… It was nice to reach the hotel since we were both just… exhausted between how the day had gone so far.

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August 11, 2017

Some kind of update (And Miitopia things)

It’s really been a while, hasn’t it? I wish I had a reason why or some kind of explanation to give, but I… don’t. I really don’t. The short version, is I haven’t felt up to playing much of anything or even doing much of anything and if I don’t have any motivation to do anything, I don’t really have anything to write about, do I?

But, I did promise to put up some pictures from Miitopia after what happened–if you don’t really watch my videos and just read here for the accompanying game log, the short version is my computer crashed shortly after finishing and over 3 hours footage got lost with only about 45 minutes I was able to salvage no matter what I did. I tried every single option I usually did, I tried new things, I STILL have the useless full files to keep trying, but when it comes down to it, I can’t find any way to save it and it sucks. I didn’t even take tons of screenshots because I figured I’d take more after only to lose everything.

And considering I played the whole first part of the game after the demo with rescuing the Princess’ face, I’m just… so frustrated and defeated. I haven’t even picked the game back up since. In fact, I haven’t really played much of anything.

The list of games where I have stuff I want to do and just haven’t been doing so has definitely gotten bigger:
-Splatoon 2 – Finish story mode
-Breath of the Wild – Finish Korok hunting. Still haven’t even tried the DLC despite having bought it.
-Fire Emblem Echoes – Still at the start of Chapter 3.
-Happy Home Designer – Still have houses to finish
-Disney Magical World 2 – Need to do all the parties for 100%
-Fire Emblem: Heroes – Haven’t played much at all since the first Tempest Trials. Characters I want and maps to do, but…
-Abyssrium – Struggling with their Anniversary event because the grind is ridiculous.
-Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – Haven’t played since the first time. Still want to finish a lot of things.
-Star Stable Online – Want to catch up on the story mode.
-Miitopia – Want to finish the game.
-EverOasis – Want to finish the game.
-Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns – Want to get all towns to S rank and have a kid.
-Goetia – Want to finish the story.
-Lady Layton – Finish the story and all puzzles.

And that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more :/

Lately, the only thing I’ve been doing is a silly project for a set of mangas I have in French–I’ve been slowly translating them into English with the little French I know because:
A. I want to read them
B. There isn’t really a second reason

It’s been an… interesting project and it’s improved my French a lot, but I genuinely haven’t had been feeling up to doing anything else and even as I approach the end of that, I’m struggling to stay motivated for that too.

I do want to say thank you to all the positive messages I’ve gotten on Twitter,, facebook, and other places though. They’ve really been a nice ray of light for me and I don’t really have words t say how much it means a lot. All the birthday wishes last month were a huge surprise too.

I even hit 5,000 subscribers on Youtube which is pretty cool, though, also makes me feel worse I haven’t uploaded anything in about 2 weeks. And I don’t know when I will. It’s kind of hard to upload something when there isn’t anything to upload.

Literally the only things I’ve played recently are things my husband dragged me on for. And even then, I wasn’t really having fun. I was just playing because he forced me to. And even if I don’t talk or anything, I feel like it’s pretty easy to to tell if I am or not (I mean, just look at how Fates went by the end of it–I was so frustrated with that game).

But yes… back to Miitopia which is probably the main reason anyone is clicking this entry, these are some of the pictures I took which likely didn’t make it into the video:

I wish the gifts actually appeared in the room.

Also, these were likely in the video but I’m including them anyway:

I describe a lot of things like this.

Yes, I made myself the Princess. I am always the Princess in my world XP NOW IF THE PRINCESS WASN’T STUCK BEING BLONDE… ;~;

There was only one appropriate Prince option.

And then this is where we finished off:

I took like 50ish pictures total, but it really doesn’t make up for nearly 3 hours of lost footage :/

I’d like to say I hope to get another video up soon, but I genuinely don’t know. I haven’t even gotten my Mega Audino collection site updated and I have 4 things to add there as well… Along with a big update I want to do to the custom section.

I’m hoping to TRY and do that along with finish this translation project by Wednesday and if I have time, maybe force myself to play something (likely Miitopia). Why Wednesday? Because Thursday, unless something changes at the last second, we’ll (my husband and I) likely be flying to Disneyland to meet up with some friends and things. Oh, and Pokemon Worlds is happening but knowing me, it’s less for that. Unless there’s Mega Audino being amazing again, but my hopes are low. On the bright side, maybe we’ll actually be able to take a look this year. If we feel like it.

We’ll see though. This is mainly just to say “hey, I’m alive even if I don’t feel like I’m doing anything worthwhile” with some Miitopia photos as promised and stuff… but hopefully I’ll have more to say soon…

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