E3 Day 3 Thoughts!

We’re more than halfway through now and today has… a lot of conferences. I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully it’ll be fun!

Indie Games Showcase

I was so excited to see games in general, but Landslide looked really cute. Definitely need to try the demo later. (Edit: After playing the demo, I can say that I am absolutely awful at the game T__T)

Moo Lander had a really pretty art style and lovely music, but it’s not a type of game I’m any good at.

Neko Ghost Jump continues to look really cute.

The music for ExtraGalactica’s trailer was great.

Freedom Games

Coromon stood out, but partially due to how much it looked like Pokemon. The art was still nice though.

Happy to see more about Cat Cafe Manager. It still looks really interesting.

And it looks like we’re continuing with that theme with a new trailer for ‘To the Rescue!’ which still looks very cute.

The trailer music for One Lonely Outpost was really catchy, though, I’m not sure if it’s exactly my type of game. Parts of it absolutely are, but it goes too much into the resource management and plant splicing which I really don’t enjoy.

Dreamscaper looked really interesting, but I’ve never really been into the Rogue-lite genre, unfortunately.

Limited Run Games

Zombies Ate My Neighbors was one of my most played SNES games and about the only zombie game I can deal with/that doesn’t trigger my zombie phobia. I still have it and my SNES so I don’t necessarily need a fancy physical edition, but it was still neat to see.

Every SkateBIRD Trailer makes me happy.

Another really catchy song with The Takeover trailer.

One Step from Eden is not my type of game at all, but I really like the character designs.

Going Under is also not my type of game, but I do adore this dog:


Really tempted to try the demo for Monster Hunter Stories 2 since I’ve been debating about the game, but still worried it may be a bit weird since I didn’t play the first one…

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles… Part of me genuinely does want to play it and I love the Ace Attorney series, but I never finished the last one and it feels almost a bit late to finally get these, even though I’m happy they did. Not to mention the irony of them keeping their names the same despite how much was changed in the original Phoenix Wright trilogy. I’m also kind of surprised by some of the voices… Still very tempted to play anyway in the end though.

And that was really all I had to say for today. Day 3 was… definitely a bit of a wash. 99% of what we saw, I knew about, several of the showcases were just discussions, and it was definitely kind of underwhelming. I think the big highlights of the day were Cat Cafe Manager and To the Rescue! for me (Also SkateBIRD, but having known about that one since 2019, I’m not really counting it).

I feel it’s important to note that I get a lot of projects couldn’t be worked on partially due to the pandemic, but you don’t necessarily have to do a presentation either so…

Regardless, tomorrow has Nintendo so if nothing else, that should hopefully be fun.