Animal Crossing: New Horizons – September, October, and the Direct

It’s October which brings us both the brand new Direct that was announced last month and Halloween. The latter was included in the 1.1 Item Additions with a few new recipes and items which I honestly like for the most part. I didn’t particularly like these at first until I realized they opened up with little dioramas.

And this Pumpkin Bucket is so cute.

Besides those, back in September we got a few more additions as well with Dango and Moon Cakes for Obon and Songpyeon for Chuseok.

In which I continue to lament the lack of room especially the smaller side rooms… There is one other item coming out for the season with a Day of the Dead item, but that won’t be until later this month…

Regardless, we also got Direct News! Besides Brewster’s return (with his cafe back in the museum), we also had some other news, so time for my general thoughts!

Being able to invite characters to the Cafe is cute. I’ll definitely want to just… scan everyone to see what happens. I’m sure there’s a limit.

Kapp’n is back, but I’m not super happy about more flowers/materials honestly? Crafting is my least favorite part plus storage issues…

Excited to see Harvey’s island get expanded. Making RNG Characters be around permanently is great and having Reese & Cyrus help with recoloring items you can’t. And NEW HAIR! I hope for a better ponytail.

We have the group exercises back. Didn’t expect that. The exercise music is cute.

Nice to see Island Ordinances back, but Beautiful seems a bit pointless. I may consider Early Bird or Night Owl depending if it adjusts the shop again.

FINALLY new House Exterior options… And thank god for more Storage Expansion. I hope I have enough Bells for this.

Disappointed to see Cooking, but I know I’m the only one. I have no room for tons of different crops honestly. I don’t even think I have room for the 5 they showed. And my Kitchen is too small.

Thank god Ceiling decor is back. Accent Walls are also really cool?

THE WHITE LATTICE FENCE. FINALLY. Switching out all the yellow ones I’ve using for that so quickly. Nice to see customizing options too.

My husband will be excited about one of the new hairstyles, but it seems still no better ponytail :(

More Nook Miles furniture… I see some items I really like, but again… no room so I just feel sad. I hope I can fit that new fountain somewhere? Would be nice to do something nice with both types of fountains, but no room…

Did not expect new songs from K.K., but I guess I have to wait 12 more weeks… to get them all.

I loved the Music Boxes so happy to see them back, but again, no space… And that’s my feeling with Gyroids too. Not… particularly happy about the planting and watering? I don’t even have anywhere to bury them. I love how different they look this time too? I want so many colors… God, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

The permanent Ladder kit is really nice. I can think of a few places I’ll want it.

Glad to see the Narrow space mover back. I know a lot of people wanted Animals inviting you over and visiting back, but I was always so bad keeping up with those or busy working on things just for them to come back.

Also new Villagers?? This Bunny was kind of cute. Though, I have all my favorites so… I can’t believe all of this is coming in less than 3 weeks.

And essentially a Happy Home Designer thing with New Horizons getting “Happy Home Paradise”. I’d pay for it, definitely. The new character designs look great. And I see a lot of nice new items.

My dream too, Maple. My dream too. That one Cherry Blossom area with the waterfalls is essentially everything I wanted for my own home :(

There’s so many cute new items… Like new Teddy Bears and a little Rubber Ducky. Plus room dividers and smaller walls?? I hope this means we can get bigger rooms for ourselves and not just for villagers here?

Happy to see the Piggy Bank back. Not happy about yet another different currency.

Happy to have Exterior customization for facilities too on the island. Would be neat if we could on our regular island too. it really feels like they just took Happy Home Designer and put it into New Horizons to an extent.

I guess I have lots of reasons to stream some more? And confirmation we can do all these things in our own home… Hopefully that does mean bigger rooms. I’ll definitely be using all my Amiibo…

FINALLY. Remodeling our villagers’ houses! I can finally fix everyone’s houses after all the gifts…

So many more plushies too T~T

DLC will be $25 and ALSO launching on the 5th?? SERIOUSLY? Preorders begin the 29th and I will be preordering it immediately. Apparently it’ll be free with the expansion pack? But I don’t think we were getting that.

Series 5 of the Amiibo Cards is November 5th too?? Seriously? Smaller set but oh my god. Time to hope somewhere opens up box preorders… I want to get two boxes.

Anyway, I just… I guess speechless is one way to put it, but overwhelmed is probably more accurate. Part of me is happy, some of these things I’ve wanted for so long, but the other part of me is like “it’s too late”. I have no where for these items. No where for these new things. I don’t know what to do.

I’ll show off some of my favorite items over on Twitter and include a link here soon but for now I just… I’m crying and probably not for the right reasons.

Edit: So, as I said, you can see my full Twitter interesting item round-up here and my summarized thoughts here, but the short version is it really feels too late for so many new items and I genuinely won’t be able to fit most things without scrapping a lot of stuff which makes me really sad. Similarly, it’s ALL dropping at once. The Amiibo Cards, the Expansion Pack, Brewster, Harvey’s Island update, EVERYTHING and for once, I wish they spaced it out more.