Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Slow Progression to the Big Event

I will say one thing that can always be a bit hard is when you keep hearing about all this stuff that unlocks after doing certain things a number of times when you don’t time travel so you’re just… sitting back and waiting. It’s something I found especially polarizing when New Horizons first came out due to that slow first week trek and it’s not really a great feeling to be back to. Making things more frustrating is my lagging behind with Happy Home Paradise where despite trying multiple times to sit and sink some time in, something keeps coming up.

Thus this is a collection of days until I manage to hit 30 total homes done, as it’d be relatively short otherwise.

As per usual, I’ve still been doing small changes around the island.

I also ended up seeing Daisy Mae while over at Brewster’s. I really should try and check in more.

Brewster also let me know I could get Coffee to go from now on.

Over at Harvey’s, our next Shop had arrived– Redd!

Cornimer also returned which I did not expect, but I appreciate the acorns.

Regardless, now it was time to get back to work.

Dobie – The Author’s Retreat

Surprisingly, this also ended up being the 10th Vacation House I’ve done so Lottie wanted to celebrate. It was a very cute party.

With the party over, I continued to get a few more houses done.

Marcie – A Homey Daycare Dwelling

After finishing, I got a new Job Title and a Pay Increase.

There were also more options for the Work Uniform so I played around with it a bit.

It was then time for another job.

Coco – Coco-Style Retro Living

I spent some time walking around and it was a nice surprise to see those who we’ve made houses for hanging out. Marcie even gave me a gift.

While doing Coco’s house, I unlocked more “cleaning effects” so I headed back to my place to check them out a bit. I also put some Gyroids out, but still can’t decide what to do with that basement room really…

I had gotten a lot of the DIYs too so I spent some time cooking to finish off the day. Due to the amount, I’ve just included some of my favorites.

I also realized I could put one of the dishes on the Stove too which I think looked nice.

To my surprise, I had mail today. A nice one from Wardell for hitting 10 Vacation Houses and also one for having participated in the Group Stretching three times.

I also stopped by Brewster’s as usual now and after my usual coffee (even though I hate coffee), I also got one to go for fun.

Heading to Harvey’s to see the next completed shop, Saharah was actually not here due to being at my town today so there was no introduction with Harvey. It was still set-up though at least.

Making my way out to work once more, I was surprised to get a Plumeria Start from Olivia at the school.

At the Agency, Lottie asked me to choose between setting up a Cafe or Restaurant first. I decided to start with the Cafe.

Facility: Cafe

I had unlocked a feature to pay for items later and with that, I had enough to pay it off. Wardell referring to us as a friend is very touching.

I then stopped back by the Cafe to check it out more and was surprised they actually sold food items we could buy.

After buying some things, I accidentally picked up a new job assignment and thus, we continue!

Olaf – A Stellar Estate

Heading back to the Agency, I unlocked finally unlocked the Happy Home Network!

My Happy Home Network ID: RA-5367-6995-4315

With the Cafe done, it was time to work on the Restaurant!

Facility: Restaurant

With the facilities done, it was back to the Vacation Houses.

Tucker – Armchair Archaeology Dig

It was at this point things that were different or not included in HHP that HHD did/had really hit me– like the lack of being able to change the entry way appearances (we can change the flooring, but not do doors or anything), no flexibility on where another room is (Upstairs only), and one especially odd thing to me: How the Clip Show and photos work. Even if a Villager wants you to decorate both outside and inside, they will only have the little montage where you are in the room. Happy Home Designer would have each room you decorated be shown at some point. Similarly, HHD would always save the final “scene” for a photo, but HHP requires you to take your own and it’s… super annoying filling up my storage with random pictures because it won’t take any automatically.

Regardless, I have done my best to trudge on and decided to just start taking pictures of both even if the game refuses to include everything.

Deirdre – A Little Slice of Fall

After finishing Deidre’s Vacation House, we had a little interlude as Niko had been getting very into DIY and now anything we’ve crafted could be used in houses. It’s a good thing I craft everything at least once.

Of course, right after it was back to Vacation House Planning.

Penelope – My Ever After Home

I decided to stop there for today. I also had managed to get a few other items I’ve been wanting so I made a few more improvements to the Kitchen.

Another day means another Shop opening over at Harvey’s– this time, Katrina’s!

Of course, I had to try each of the fortunes…

The friendship one was so sweet T~T

Saharah also gave me a small introduction now that they were actually here today.

Back on the Island, my vegetables finally fully grown. Now to never actually harvest them.

I also added a few adjustments over by the Museum. It’s subtle, but I think it looks nice.

Heading off to work, Niko wanted to teach a class.

After getting back to the Agency, Tank showed up to bring up an idea he had: Roommates. He wanted to have one and to be honest, I’m not super fond of it. I don’t mind it for NPCs where they never actually give a theme really, but doing this means now I’ll never be able to make Moose a vacation home and that makes me really sad as I’d really like to make everyone one.

It was then back to the usual Vacation Home business… Unfortunately, I didn’t feel up to doing much.

Sylvia – A Family-Friendly Pool

After finishing, I was told Wardell had gone to take a break and to go find him, so I quickly headed over to the North side of the beach. This unlocked the Soundscapes feature.

Today was pretty much an off-day. Maple visited though.

And Brewster gave me his Cookie recipe.

I also finally did a Kapp’n Island again, despite not needing anything from them, and got a really pretty one.

Over at Harvey’s, the final shop had opened: Kicks’!

While I didn’t feel up to doing any houses today, I still stopped by the HHP Agency to buy things. To my surprise though, I had a new task. Niko had been working on DIYs and Wardell wanted my help with gathering materials for him.

Besides that, we finally finished off the new seasonal items added in 1.11 with the Chitose Ame for Shichi-Go-San:

I also learned you could use custom designs as well for the Cleaning effects so I tried putting in some cherry blossom ones.

Brewster offered me pigeon milk for the first time. I need way too much milk and sugar to make coffee drinkable for me. I really wish Brewster had more items on the menu… or at least that we had the option to pick other ones.

Over at Harvey’s, with the shops done and having gotten all of the hairstyles Harriet offered, I’ve usually found her hanging out with Harvey which is cute.

With nothing really to do at Harvey’s now, it was back to working on Vacation Houses.

Vesta – Home with a Fireplace

After finishing, I unlocked another new feature: Two-Story Vacation Houses. Honestly though, I don’t plan to use it much. I wish villagers could decide if they wanted it over having you pick– I rather just work more closely on what they want than taking tons of liberties.

Naomi – The Art Cafe

And after finishing that house, I also received another Title and Pay Upgrade.

O’Hare – Tropical Paradise

And that brought us to the 20 Vacation Houses mark which meant it was time for another party.

Lottie then revealed her next plan for us: A Music Festival.

The next day, I had another really sweet letter from Wardell.

Back at our Paradise Island job, Niko started giving more recipes he came up with. I also ended up changing my outfit back to something closer than my initial outfit. I do wish there were actual white tights as an option though.

I did my best to at least do one vacation house today too.

Dizzy – A Fun Yard for Playing

At Brewster’s, Isabelle actually stopped by too which was a nice surprise.

I also finally noticed that Judy had put out Glowing Moss Wreath plus I put out some Nova Lights on the Castle Towers.

As for our progress, Niko let us know the Decorating had been going well, but Lottie felt sick and had to be flown off the island to see a Dcotor…

Niko was a bit nervous taking over for now, but he did well.

Rod – A Pirate’s Secret Hideaway

Lottie returned shortly after and even brought a gift back with her.

Beardo – A Proper English Garden

Bettina – A Peerless Patisserie

After what happened, Lottie decided our next Facility should be the Hospital.

I stopped by the Hospital for a check-in after and not only got a quick check-up, but also paid off for an expansion to add a Patient Ward which I’d be able to take care of tomorrow.

Del – A Cabin for My Sea Voyage

There’s a lot of things I think I would’ve done differently, but I got really caught up in a concept and didn’t execute it like I imagined.

Wardell then took another break and we learned more soundscapes.

It’s honestly really nice sitting here.

Spike – Heart of the City

Niko also gave us an update as he set up more things.

I didn’t expect to see another NPC so soon, but Blathers showed up at Brewster’s today which was nice.

Brewster also ended up having a gift for me.

Back at Happy Home Paradise, Niko learned about my own involvement with the Materials. I can’t really take all the credit though– Wardell was the one doing so at first at least. And maybe he put some stuff in there inbetween, who knows.

Niko then told me to make sure I headed to the Office first as Lottie needed to talk to me. We had gotten an AB&PD essentially– it could deposit Poki (though, as I have not hit a limit on how much I can hold yet, I don’t see any reason to) and exchange Bells for Poki and vice versa.

Next up was expanding the Hospital.

Hospital Patient Ward

I also took the time to adjust the Exam Room a bit as it really didn’t need to be that big. The Hospital probably has my favorite colors. I feel like most of the other buildings had really awful shades of pink for options :/

We had to be close to that 30 milestone now so I decided to really focus on getting some more Vacation Houses done today.

Yuka – My Forested Jungle

Tom Nook than showed up letting us now use any item I’ve cataloged… In which having every item cataloged already has sure come in handy.

At the Hospital, I ran into Joan. It’s nice to see her.

Norma – A Place Packed with Plants

Zucker – Festival Grounds

Niko then let us know he finished decorating. I appreciate the color scheme.

Maddie – Stylish Streamer Estate

And thus, I officially hit 30 Vacation Houses done!

We also apparently got permission to set up our last facility…

And thus, it was time… An Apparel Shop.

While it’s neat that it’ll actually have clothing you can buy each day, I am a bit disappointed about the lack of a Concert Hall which was one of my favorites in Happy Home Designer. In general, the exterior designs felt relatively uninspired and limited with options unfortunately.

Regardless, it was finally time for the special event…

…A DJ K.K. Concert!! I honestly love DJ K.K.’s remixes so I really hope he may appear again here too like how K.K. continues to show up on our Island.

After we finished dancing, we also got some Dance Reactions to go with it which was nice. Though, no Shrunk Shuffle… And still no way to get Personality-specific Reactions :(

I love the decorations for it so much. If the concert never ended, I’d be okay with it.

I miss Club LOL.