Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Random things, Goodbye to 2021, & 6 new Vacation Houses!

In general, things should be a bit slower with not too much happening. Regardless, I figure posting after a good ammount of houses may be the usual post schedule for ACNH right now with just a few exceptions.

Before we get started, some stuff before I felt up to doing new houses.

Some nice mail.

I made some more adjustments to rooms. I’m still not 100% satisfied with the Basement room, but I’m not sure I ever will be. I just don’t work well with less than 8 squares on each side and I felt no real inspiration for what I wanted beyond I have more items I like that I would like to put somewhere and really like the new Gyroid designs.

I also finally started actually running into characters at Brewster’s.

Something new I was surprised to see were Black Friday sales. Which while nice, honestly, they stock so few items that it’s underwhelming.

Regardless, it’s now time for the first few houses I did.

Drago – My Lucky Lodgings

Megan – A Place for Dreamy Thrills

Sprinkle – Castle of Cold

If only I could actually have a Castle option for the house exterior… Regardless, I also updated my little HHP Design thing:

Back to usual antics, a neat thing I found was if you run into a character again, they do greet you aware of that.

I then made various adjustments to the “Secret Grove” area making it a bit more open. It was impossible for me to do everything I wanted with it due to limits, but I think this made it a little nicer.

I also added a bit more glow moss to the Camp area.

I’ve also been doing my best with the Group Stretching to try and hit 50, but the fact that I can’t have it count all in one go bums me out.

I also ran into Isabelle again at the Cafe and got to see more of my villagers in there for once too.

They ended up dropping all the Zodiac symbols which in addition to getting from the Nook Shopping Seasonals (which at least finally show up in the catalog all year even if you can’t always order them), you can also get from Katrina which is neat. I ended up keeping just a few still out in the Gyroid Room.

Villager Mail still tends to make me emotional.

And then of course, New Year’s Eve arrived… But before we got closer to midnight, I went to do a few more houses.

Julian – Cloud-Nine Chalet

Sherb – My Fantasy Theme Park

Nibbles – Nibbles’ Study Space

And finally, it was countdown time.

We’re officially in 2022. I just hope it goes better.

In general, I hate how long it took me to get even just 6 houses done and the fact that I couldn’t make it to 10. As much as I don’t want to say it, it feels like maybe I just need to pack New Horizons away for a while and to be honest, I think I would’ve taken that break until April if I wasn’t stuck still trying to get coffee and do group stretching 50 total times. I only have 3 more times to go for Brewster, but I still have 31 left for the Stretches and I just… New Horizon’s repeated pace control drives me crazy. I miss when I could just sit with a bunch of friends and listen to K.K. songs for hours to knock out a badge over having to listen to him every week for nearly 2 years just in my own town.

Brewster’s I don’t even think would bother me as much if he was just around from the start when I actually was playing every day, but now that I have no real reason to play much each day, it’s harder to keep up with. Group Stretches is also just something I’d rather knock out in one go– not take nearly 2 months to do. Honestly, I hate how Reactions were handled in this game. I don’t know why they had to remove Shrunk entirely (I would’ve at least forgiven it if he was added as part of Harvey’s thing) and make it so Villagers would teach you reactions. Even if maybe I could’ve gotten all the Smug and Lazy ones if I kept those villagers longer, I never actually got a Cranky villager so I would’ve been short some no matter what unless I moved out one of my villagers that I didn’t want to move.
And it’s like, if I’m going to always be missing reactions, why bother? And I hate feeling that way.

There are things I like about New Horizons, of course, but it feels so far and few between– I like many of the new items, I like that we have more color options for items, I like Happy Home Paradise, I like the new Museum and how it’s laid out so much, I love the new villagers (especially Judy), I think the pathing tool is neat, I like Harvey’s little area, I like that Villagers can’t move without asking… and that may be it.
Terraforming wasn’t fun for me in the long run, I hate crafting, I hate cooking, I hate farming… I can’t stand that they gave us smaller side rooms (and while one side of the longer rooms is bigger, it’s still smaller the other way). I miss being able to have more exterior customization. I think the Nook Miles are a poor replacement for what the Badges were for. There’s so many quality life features missing like actually telling you if you’ve bought something before. It just all added up to quickly make New Horizons not much fun for me and I’m not in a place right now where I can easily do the things I do enjoy like decorating houses.

So I guess this is a way to say a bit of a proper break from ACNH. I’ll still be trying to finish up with Brewster and the Group Stretches (and will have videos for those respectively) and I should have a final island tour in April, but otherwise, everything else will just be kind of on hold or more random and I’m not entirely sure when I can say they’ll be back.

I still plan to have posts for some other things, but I apologize that there won’t be much AC content for a long while.