The afterward week of Gamer Christmas

Even though I’ll call it the week, anything else from this month will also be added to this post.

Shacknews Indie Showcase

I hadn’t realized The Big Con’s Grift of the Year update released so I’ll definitely be trying that out. I really enjoyed the game even if I wish there was another option at the end.

I’m also still excited for Love, Ghostie and Lost in Play.

Passing Waters looks really cute. It Kickstarter going on right now and I noticed it has no digital/vanity item Kickstarter exclusives so I backed it immediately.

Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories also looks really good.

Paranormal Detective tempts me every time I see it, but it requires VR :(


I see why LEGO Bricktales didn’t have its demo up yet. I’m happy I was finally able to check it out.

I know not too much game-wise was shown, but it was still a really fun show to watch. There’s genuinely so many LEGO Sets I’d love to get if I could afford them.

There didn’t end up being too much else, but I think it was still a really fun month regardless. If there turns out to be any last minute things, I’ll update this, but otherwise, I guess that’s a wrap :)

Edit: Of course Nintendo puts their thing super close to the end of the month!! So, to finish things off, here’s our last section:

Nintendo Direct Mini

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes looks really neat, though also a bit haunting. A very cute dog too.

Super Bomberman R2 looks fun, though, I kind of wish it had more maps like Super Mario 64.

Pacman World Re-Pac looks really fun too.

Blanc looks very pretty. I love the art style, but I feel like the story may be sad and I don’t think I can deal with my heart breaking. Let them be happy T~T

I’ve actually never played any of the Monkey Island games, but I kind of really want to try them all out at some point.

Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to look really great. I’m sad Early Access isn’t until September 6th– I really hoped for it to be sooner, but still looking forward to it. Impatiently waiting for when we can just get the Founder’s Pack. Regardless, I noticed a cute coat called the “Lacy Pink Coat” in the trailer which I hope may also have a nice dress in similar colors. I also really loved this hairstyle and hope maybe a longer version of it will exist as well.

Harvestella looks pretty interesting, though, I don’t think it’s fully my type of game.

I was kind of surprised WORTH LIFE wasn’t shown as it’s releasing exclusively on Switch and just got a new trailer yesterday, but maybe it’s because it’s releasing in like 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, on the Japanese version of the Mini Direct, they showed this fishing game which looked really cute? I have no idea what it is, but I kind of hope it comes over.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright was also shown which I recall seeing before so surprised it also wasn’t included in the English version.