Animal Crossing: New Horizons – A summary of the last several months

In general, New Horizons entries will probably be a bit few and far between due to a combination of my general bummed out feelings with New Horizons, but also, I mainly just want to do HHP stuff which gets exhausting in and of itself due to the lack of any search feature and when you have a full catalog, most of the time spent is just scrolling through items…

Since my last post, one thing I did was poke back in for May Day. Even though the game is no longer receiving updates, I thought it was possible there could be new mazes and dialogue programmed in already like how all the Chinese Zodiac items are for years to come. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The maze was the same as the first (I’m assuming it’ll switch back and forth between the two) with Rover’s dialogue being the same as the second time, making slightly less sense due to the fact that you don’t climb anything in the first maze. I will guess which dialogue you get is a matter of if you met him before or not.

Regardless, I’d be lying if I said his dialogue didn’t still make me rather emotional. I really wish he actually visited our island. I wish so many other missing characters showed up in the first place.

While I poked in a few times after (usually around every 3 weeks on average), I didn’t really do anything until July for my birthday. I had hoped to do a stream of my birthday in-game and some houses, but honestly, my birthday is just a rough time nowadays and I wasn’t feeling well, so I ended up just recording a video instead.

I was also only able to do one vacation home which made me really sad.

Pango – Ultimate Beauty Salon

Regardless, I did my best to make-up for that with my recent stream where I did 11 Houses and even hit the 60 milestone. Of these, I think my favorites were Caroline’s and Melba’s. There’s definitely more I wanted to do for certain things if it wasn’t for the lack of search function.

Dom – House of Gizmos

Octavian – A Window to the Sea

Caroline – Dreamy Country-Ranch Home

Shari – House of Perennials

Melba – Fairy-Tale World

It was here that we hit the 60 Milestone. I’m curious how much more special dialogue there could be. I wonder if anything special happens if you do manage to make a Vacation Home for every character.

Drift – A Vacation Home with a Well

Prince – The Robot Arena

Fauna – My Piano Hangout

Ketchup – Tomato Paradise

Rosie – My Very Own Talent Agency

Nana – A Park for the Peckish

I’m not sure when I’ll play more next, but hopefully I can get more houses done.