The Disney Magical World Launch Event at Nintendo World

While I haven’t found many opportunities to go to an event in a while (Work, Allergies, and if I go down to buy the game the day it actually launches, I’m not too fond of going back the next day or some completely other time for the event–Manhattan has pricey tolls), I wanted to make sure I found time to get to this one. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the crowd, so I made sure to get there early.

Some of the outside displays:
With the beam in the way:

They also had one of the trailers in rotation on the screens facing outside:

Interior stuff (1st floor):
The characters looked really great. You actually couldn’t tell they were cut-outs right away because they used the ingame models.

pillar interiorposters

Plus a photo booth!:

And the Radio Disney Booth!:

They also had the special 3DS XL behind the counter:
I really wish I had the money to get it :/

For buying the game during the event, you received:
A Thermal (There was a Mickey version as well)

A Calendar.

And a Magazine.

As for upstairs…
The Signing area.

My favorite part of the event… the Cafe. It was just beautifully done and looked straight out of the game (though, I don’t believe the Mickey Statue that was on each is in the game):

Better picture of the cafe’s logo:

An AR Card was put up behind the Cafe (to the left was a Sketch Artist, but I sadly was not able to get a picture…)
The AR Card got you the Tigger Russian Outfit:

Sitting in the Cafe, you got to pick a Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcake (which were awesome–My boyfriend got Vanilla and I got Chocolate). Plus you got some special punch (which was also really really good):
Plus, whoever’s seat number matched the number under the Mickey statue got to get a sketch from the Sketch Artist. I didn’t win which I was pretty sad about (I think what made it worse is the person who did win didn’t seem to care), though, I did my best not to seem that way.

After that, you could meet G. Hannelius, but we skipped that as we figured it’d be better for people who came to see her to go and we didn’t want to take up more time (we got to be in the first batch of Cafe goers). However, there was a lovely cake we saw coming out of a car while we were on line:
Due to not going to meet her, I was unable to get a closer photo of it out of the wrapping:
I’m not sure if they planned to cut it up at the end of the event (we couldn’t stay the entire time) or if they were giving it to her, but…

I managed to get a good amount of StreetPass for the event too, although, less from the game itself (Only 4 :/) than I expected so that was a bit disheartening… Despite that though, I got 10 people for Fire Emblem, 4 for Professor Layton, 2 for Style Savvy, 10 for Pokemon Trozei, 10 for Nintendogs plus Cats, and 20 for Animal Crossing. I lost track of how many I got for the Mii Plaza, but it helped me get further along with nearly all the games so yay.

But yes, the event was fun! We got to relax a good amount of time (about a half hour) in the cafe and I really enjoyed it. I wish the Radio Disney booth played Disney music though rather than the “hit songs” right now as I’m really not fond of most of the popular music on the radio…