Mail drop!

One of my favorite things is whenever I get stuff in the mail and despite a bit of frustration earlier, it was a really nice surprise–I expected one of the packages, but the rest I had no clue on when they’d get here.

So, onto the mail!

First up–two Pink Moon necklaces:
Despite how they look, they are not Sailor Moon merchandise. I had seen a picture randomly and decided to try looking it up–in the end, I found two… one on Etsy (the one on the left) and one on Ebay (the one on the right). Differences are the one from Etsy features darker round gems along the gold. It also has a more metal feel versus the paintedness of the one from Ebay (which is also a brighter “gold”). The one from Etsy is also a bit bigger. In general, the one from Etsy is more fancy and intricate while the one from Ebay, while still nice, does noticeably look cheaper when compared. I do think both are pretty though and not too expensive.

Next… PLUSHIES. This lovely Shooting Star Plushie:
Made by PaeoniaDrop. (You can find her on Twitter and DeviantArt as well. I am eventually going to try and make a cute bunny from one of her patterns and hopefully it won’t come out awful :3


This one is by lillyann123:

While this one is by BleedingHeartsCrafts:

(Special thanks to Zero for holding it in place!)

…I truly look forward to the day where I can get better lighting in the basement and have a camera that can take better pictures.