Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s honestly been a crazy year (though, it feels like every year has been crazy these last few years) and also very long. It’s still kind of hard to wrap around all the things that have happened this year.

Next year, which is now in less than 12 hours for me and is already happening for people over on the East side of the world, there’s a lot I’m hoping to do. There are so many plans that really are just kind of on hold still while we get more things unpacked and get some new furniture (mostly shelves, so many shelves… I also need a new computer stand and monitor, honestly), but I’ve been trying my best to make things work regardless at the moment.

I still have more posts planned here as well along with various videos, but the main thing is you may see some of the Art Assets changing here! I’ve wanted to update things for a while to connect my website, Youtube, and Twitch and I’m hoping this will help. Thank you as always for your support!