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A Day of Smash

So, today was a pretty eventful day as Smash Brothers for the 3DS came out in Japan. Thus, Nintendo also did a stream showcasing some of their upcoming games. I was really excited to see Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (though, one of the levels seemed really hard and now I’m scared of how long it’ll take me to 100% it :P Still looks fun though!) and Fantasy Life–though, I wish we also got to see more of both too.

During Nintendo’s Stream, they said they’d be sending out the demo to Platinum Members (2014 ones) until the Smash Brothers stream started. It hit 4PM, I didn’t get one and I’ll admit I felt a bit discouraged. I knew I had all notifications activated so imagine my surprise when at about 4:20PM I received an email! I don’t know if there was a delay sending them or if they planned to send them out longer (their stream went longer than originally stated as well), but it made my day. I think the only thing that could’ve made me more excited was a code for Fantasy Life :P

I played the SSB4 demo for about 4 and a half hours and I definitely enjoyed it a lot. My only real “complaint” is I wish you could’ve chosen between time or stock (even if 2 minutes or 2 lives was still set) and I wish there was also a training mode available. It’s been such a long time since I played that I had a hard time getting a hang of it again and having to just jump back into a match and do my best rather than really getting to practice was a bit frustrating. That said, I still managed to beat the computers on each level of difficulty.

I had the most fun using Villager in the Demo. I expect to still use Jigglypuff and Kirby most of all–they are just much more my playstyle, but I think Villager will be up there with Peach in 2nd for characters I enjoy playing as. I really want to try out Duck hunt Dog, Robin, Mii Fighters, and Rosalina. I expect at least Robin and Rosalina to also be in the 2nd category for me, but not sure on Duck-hunt Dog just yet. I’m not sure which Mii Fighter I will go with–probably the Fighter type honestly, but I may try each just incase the trophy at the end of the Adventure mode varies based on what Mii type you use.

I haven’t decided how I plan to unlock others. I want to try to unlike Jigglypuff first if possible–I know doing vs mode to unlock everyone would be faster, but I want to do the Adventure mode with everyone anyway so I may just do it that way (plus more to unlock)… Just need to figure out which characters require a certain intensity level.

In which I have to say I hate that the intensity level is required for some. I’ve really only good with a couple of characters and even then, I have my limits. Sad that the achievements/challenges section has various stuff in songs too as now I need to do them all :P Regardless, it’ll be a lot of practice for me to get decent enough to do everything… And also a lot of practice learning the controls too.

Anyway, I am very excited to be playing as this adorable bow Jigglypuff (Jigglypuff looks so cute in this game):
I miss the crown one, but her new bow is adorable (and was the other I played as)–I also like the one with the nurse hat. I do miss her teal eyes though! The blue does look nice, however.

I am a little sad though about the Ice Climbers leaving–I never really used them, but I liked them and felt they were interesting… Also that Jigglypuff has the same final smash–I think something similar to Peach’s or a fairy move like Dazzling Gleam or Moon Blast would’ve been much better. Finally, considering Little Mac has 16 colors, I wish other characters did. Robin, for example, only has 4 per gender which kind of stinks as I would’ve liked to play the white robe with black hair, but that is male only. I’ll probably end up using the pink because of this… But I guess it just makes me wonder why they didn’t do more options with other characters.

Regardless, I am still looking forward to it. I hope I can get a lot of it done before Fantasy Life comes out though…

And if you still want more Smash Brothers, you can check out the newest Nintendo Minute too along with various streams on Twitch that are still going (I’ll probably stream more tomorrow).


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