The Special Pokemon Demo (&’s Stamp Update)

I’ve actually spoken about this privately to a lot of friends and on Twitter, but I realized I’ve never spoken about it here so if you haven’t heard yet, I’d highly recommend reading this page.

Special demos unlocking something in a game has been quite a thing lately. Not only does it cause people who may be unsure of the game to at least make sure they play the Demo (which can win them over), but it can also cause more interest/excitement in those who are excited in the first place which is definitely the case on my end. I’ll be honest, I rarely download demos. This is due to a mixture of the fact that I try not to download things too much and usually don’t find any appeal in demos to begin with unless I’m REALLY unsure of a game so if it’s a game I plan to get anyway, I usually do not even bat an eye at the demo. Afterall, the demo tends to briefly limited anyway, I’ll have to start over when I get the game (and who knows where the demo will drop you anyway), and sometimes even plays are limited as well.

So, when I hear of a demo which gets you special content in your game or does carry over, I get really excited. As of today, I’ve downloaded a total of 4 demos–Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the Gates of Infinity (You can find a review for that over here), Bravely Default, Smash Brothers (which, I will be honest, I’m not sure if I’d have gotten the demo if I didn’t receive the special email), and Theathrythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. While Smash Brothers is partially due to thinking coins would transfer to the full game (which is apparently not true…), it’s still a demo I’ve been enjoying a lot despite that and I am even more excited for October 3rd to come.

I already know Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s demo will be one I download immediately for many reasons:
-Exclusive Gameplay
-Bring over a special reward
-Special scenarios if you play everyday (which means it will be in one of the even smaller selection of demos I actually play more than once)

And I can’t say enough just how excited I am for this. There’s no date just yet, but I have never wanted a demo more than right now just from a few words. It definitely wins the reward for being the only game to ever get me excited specifically for the demo (Smash Brothers did get pretty close though).

Moving past the demo, a few people had been asking me about the Stamps I had spoken about on Twitter. recently had another update which includes earning stamps from doing things on the website. I’ve been working hard on earning what I can (Sadly, I’ll never be able to earn any of the Play! Pokemon ones :( I am surprised there’s no Pokemon symphony one though! Maybe when it opens up in more locations?) and I’ll admit, it’s been quite fun… even if I’ve done many of the things it rewards in the first place previously. I do think it may get people to use though as I feel it’s a site that really doesn’t get as much viewing as it could and one I’ve always enjoyed visiting. But yes, if you decide to sign up for, feel free to send me a friend request! :)