Cats vs Pickles: Gold Wave pushed back to Fuchsia

Recently announced earlier this week on Cepia’s official Facebook Group for Cats vs Pickles was that the rest of Gold Wave (which would have likely been Sets F, G, and H) have been pushed back to Fuchsia Wave, which honestly, if they are going the way of smaller waves/batches overall, I’m not too bothered by. I’m just happy information has been shared and the designs themselves haven’t been scrapped.

For those not in the group, this is the announcement for reference:


Dear Cats vs Pickles fans,

We hope this message finds you well and enjoying a nice weekend with friends, family and beans. We have some news to share with you that we know might be disappointing, and we want to address it as transparently as possible.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to move the characters from Gold Wave assortments that have not yet been released into the new Cats vs Pickles Fuchsia Wave. We know that many of you have been eagerly anticipating these characters and we are truly sorry that we could not deliver them as planned. As you may know, we work our designs more than a year ahead, and so by the time we realized that this would happen, we had already committed to the first two assortments of Fuchsia. However, we promise that these characters will come, and we thank you for your patience as we work to make them available.

Going forward, we will release shorter checklists so that this does not happen again.

At Cats vs Pickles, our fans are our number one priority, and we are committed to delivering the best possible products and experiences. To that end, we will be showing at Distoy in London and holding a Facebook LIVE event on Monday, May 29th, at a time to be announced later. During this event, we will answer all questions about the timing of future waves, our e-commerce solution, and UK distribution.

Again, we apologize for any disappointment this news may cause and thank you for your understanding. We are dedicated to making Cats vs Pickles the best brand it can be, and we are grateful for your continued support.

Peace, love, and beans,

Team Cat + Team Pickle


That said, I worry about people not in the group. They did mention that information would be shared on other platforms on Monday, but well, that hasn’t really happened yet (though, I would guess it’s because of all the Kickstarter packages being sent out. I still haven’t gotten any tracking updates yet myself at the time of writing this T~T Hopefully soon… One thing I know as Backer #1 is that they very much did not do it in Backer order :P).

But even then, a lot of people are just randomly getting blindbags (or buying a bunch in hopes of certain ones) and like I mentioned in one of my last posts where I spoke about the problem with the batches and checklist, now there is no indication that some of these Beans people are opening up for will apparently never be in those Gold Wave bags due to now being pushed back to Fuchsia. I don’t know of a fix for this, it’s just kind of an oversight in general, but it just makes me want to emphasize even more how glad I am they are going back to smaller Waves and just hope that maybe the Checklists will be adjusted for what is actually available at any given time.

Dragon Kitty’s Bean size being part of the Kickstarter may even add to that confusion due to it being on the Gold Wave list and essentially having been pushed back to the Fuchsia Wave. The Kickstarter definitely went under the radar even for existing fans, let alone new ones who will only be finding out about it as all these releases come, but it also worries me that someone will see it online and start buying up bags not being aware that those sets will not be releasing in Gold Wave afterall.

It’s currently unclear how the Chonks and Jumbos will be affected (supposedly we’ll be getting more information during the Facebook Live at the end of the month), but my general stance is as long as things are still coming, I’m happy.

There’s so many designs I’ve been really excited for that have no indication on when we can see them. Knowing that the rest of these Gold Wave will be part of Fuchsia, even if after a while (as the first two assortments of Fuchsia were planned before running into this setback with the rest of Gold Wave), gives me at least some sense of Peace to not have to worry about getting my hopes up for something that won’t come. There’s still a lot of Designs I have so many questions about and even just a “Yes, they are still planned” or “Yes, they will be part of *insertwavehere*” would be really nice to hear. Right now, there is just a lot of back and forth such as with the Firey Bean with a Pitch Fork from the NYC Toy Fair 2020– It only really got released as a Reversible (minus the Pitchfork) and while initially said it would get a Bean size when the Reversibles launched, it has currently changed to a more “not sure” answer which kind of sucks for people who decided to not pick up the design due to waiting for the Bean form.

Either way, with so much already dropping this Summer with Puppies vs Squeaks and Cows vs Aliens, I don’t mind not having to worry about Gold Wave for a while. I hope we’ll see a bit more about Fuchsia Wave and maybe even get a checklist before they drop in stores this Fall.

And if you are disappointed, I think that’s understandable. From a organizational standpoint, having to essentially tuck these away until possibly next year is kind of stressful. I’m very much the type of person who needs to have each thing “finished” before being able to start the next one so having the rest of Gold Wave just kind of nagging there is a bit rough, but there are also Kids who won’t really understand why Gold Wave ended early and having to wait until multiple Fuchsia Wave releases happen to see some of the ones they’ve been waiting for.

It’s hard! I appreciate that we got information, I understand the reasoning they give, but I also worry for those who may not learn this information and it’s still kind of disappointing to know these are a ways off, but at least they’re still coming. They’re not gone. I’m lucky that most of my top wanted ones for Gold Wave were already releaed– I think Piggy Cat, Emboss, and Steamer were the few left of my most wanted (along with Purr-Lock from the temporary extended sheet) with Daisy for Chonks, but Sir Catsalot was definitely my husband’s most wanted (along with Dragon Kitty which we at least got from the Kickstarter) which obviously was pushed back now. He’s pretty casual about it so I know he doesn’t mind, but I feel bad about it anyway.

Considering Kittens vs Gherkins had a similar “shortened” checklist put up around the same time Gold Wave got their shortened checklist, I do wonder if that could be the case for them as well leaving Sets E and F MIA. Lil Finley was one of the first Kittens I wanted and there’s about half I want across the two sets so I hope even if they’re also pushed back that they will still be coming in the long run.

Dogs vs Squirls has hit a similar issue with the Chonks, the sheet only finally opening to list some of the ones found in Canada and Australia as now being exclusive there with 6 to be exclusive in the UK where there have been a bunch of distribution issues right now. I actually really like most of the UK 6…

Edit as of May 22nd: The 6 supposedly exclusive to the UK have now been found in Australia, so… No clue if it’ll be both or is just Australia only right now or what.

…But I also really loved Krystal’s and Watson’s designs from the Chonk sheet, among others, and so I just… really hope they’re coming, but honestly, if they make them Beans instead of Chonks, I absolutely won’t complain. There’s a few others I like a lot too, but would want to see more of first… But I really adore Krystal and Watson so much.

Anyway, here’s hoping we’ll get more information during the Facebook Live (and hopefully those in the UK will have better distribution soon). Either way, I’m just hoping we really will see all the designs that have been previewed eventually.