Let’s talk about Fashion Dreamer!

I’ve been asked many times now about if I heard about the game or what I think of it and while I’m more or less expressed my excitement in my ‘Game Presentation News’ posts, I haven’t really spoken about it as is. For those unaware of the game, it’s a new upcoming title by Syn Sophia being produced by Marvelous (and XSEED here in the USA) which if you’re unfamiliar with them, they make the Story of Seasons (Bokujō Monogatari) series among others.

If you recognize the name Syn Sophia, but maybe can’t place it, they are the ones behind the Style Savvy/Style Boutique/Girls Mode series which is one of my all-time favorite games. As someone who enjoys dressing up but isn’t necessarily a fan of most fashion-esque gameplay in other games, this has always been the perfect fit for me with the store system and general gameplay mechanics in comparison to other games.

While the game shares a similar style, Fashion Dreamer is its own thing entirely. The game will have its own story, but also has an online mode and gives you a large variety of ways to customize clothing that as someone who constantly ran into an issue in Style Savvy of ‘I really like this outfit but hate the color or nothing matches’, that is honestly really exciting.

For example, this is one of the pre-order bonuses in Japan:

And this is an example of it being recolored through the game:

Courtesy of the official Japan Instagram for the game

I think that’s part of what makes it so hard with the preorder bonuses too. Japan has a whole slew of preorder bonuses and besides the one I showed above, there’s also these I really like:

And knowing I can just… Adjust the colors as I’d like is really exciting. Obviously, you need to earn stuff in-game so it may take a bit, but just having the option is really exciting. If you’re worried about exclusive items though, I’m not entirely sure if the items themselves are exclusive or more so an early access thing. At least here in the USA, there is the physical version which I’m not sure if it comes with this or not, but at least the Digital Version supposedly comes with a “Chic Outfit” Pattern Set DLC which unlocks four rare patterns early: Sailor-Collar Blouse with Mimosa Embroidery, Retro Rose-Print Shorts, 2-Color Mid-Heel Lace-up Shoes, and Vintage Pearl Earrings according to the Press Release.

Personally, I’m pretty excited for the Blouse and Earrings myself, but even if you are maybe a little impatient to get these items yourself (or the ones in Japan do end up exclusive), with the ‘Like’ system in place, simply liking someone’s outfit wearing those items you may be interested in will grant you them which is really nice. In general, it seems there’s no reason not to try and give everyone some likes both as it helps them earn stuff and you, but I think it’ll be a nice motivation bonus for anyone who enjoys doing designs as well.

They show a lot more options if you’d like to see more of the color system. I’d also highly recommend watching the Gameplay Trailer that went up in English last month if you haven’t already:

In general, it almost feels hard to fully encapsulate why I’m so excited for the game. I feel like I was sold immediately when the trailer hit and that feeling only became larger every second more of the trailer. I mean, look at this place!:

If the game gets any physical merch, I want that Teddy Bear in real life. Though, probably in a smaller size. I don’t have that much room.

That area is one of the four different Coccoons that make up Eve, the world the game takes place in. There’s HOPE which is more of a Pop City-like appearance, ACT which has a more Modern City Street-feel (think NYC), Cocoon FUN which is where the image above is from and where I feel I will be spending most of my time whenever I have a choice and is more fantasy-themed, and Cocoon LOVE which is a giant Mall.

Like all of those areas look so fun to explore and I could easily see how DLC could maybe even add more things. I know I loved the trips you could take in some of the Style Savvy games for example.

Moving passed the fashion for a bit, let’s talk about the character creator!

You can have up to 4 Muses (your playable character). You can make them all more Feminine (Type A) or more Masculine (Type B) or do a mix. I’m really happy to see more masculine options as I know so many guys who have wanted to be able to make a masculine character in other games and it’s nice to see them have that option in this kind of game.

From there, you have Body Shape/Height options and pose options in addition to being able to pick your hair style/color and eyes as well. I’m especially happy to see a longer more wavy/curly ponytail. I do hope there may be other bang versions for it though like some of the other styles:

And it’s just, again, like every single thing. I’m excited to make my character and fill out her personality and explore the areas and hopefully hug a teddy bear.

You even get to make your own Brand Logo for your designs and decorate a show room which looks really pretty:

There’s over 1,400 items in the game and with all the ways to customize things, I’m really looking forward to seeing how people put their own spins on things.

The game releases November 3rd in the USA and November 2nd in Japan. I know I’m super excited for it and hope I see you in Eve too! :) I’ll be making posts in addition to Videos as soon as I start playing so please look forward to it! ^-^