StreetPass and Captain Toad

Even though Nintendo doesn’t have a booth this year at New York Comic Con, I’ve still managed to get quite a lot of StreetPasses! And getting StreetPasses is always my favorite part of conventions <3 Thanks to them, I've: 1. Completed Monster Manor!:
I absolutely love the music that plays once the curse ends in front of the Manor when it starts giving your stats and at the title screen now. It looks so pretty now too. Sad we never got our “employee’s” outfit though. It’s so cute… Now, the only game I have is Mii Force. Unfortunately, I’m just awful at it :/

2. Finished my Puzzles!:

3. Got Campers in Tomodachi Life!:

Some pictures they took with residents:

I even managed to get 2 new Special Dishes (Country-Fried Steak and Greek Salad–the 3rd item was another Chili Con Carne). I also did a few more things with them. If you give them a bathset, they actually take it outside!:

This is also the first time I received a letter from one of the travelers after they left!:

I did the same thing for each one, so I’m not sure why I just got one from her, but oh well. She gave me a gold coin.

As for clothes, I technically got a lot of people, but only received a few new StreetPass items–a Phantom Outfit, a Starry Top-hat, and a Straw Cowboy Hat. Everything else ended up just being new colors. Hopefully I’ll get more travelers today.

Finally, a Captain Toad Trailer was released yesterday and it’s made me even more excited:

Very happy to see Toadette making an appearance too–I hope maybe there might be some multiplayer modes as well with her.