Pokemon ORAS Demo & More Details Revealed

So, as many of you may know, I have been anxiously awaiting for news on the North American demo and today we finally got some. Unfortunately, according to the press release, the codes will not be sent out until the 21st. While this gives time for people to sign up (or enable mail from Pokemon.com), I was still hoping they would have started sending them out now with them being given out until the 21st or even the end of the month…

  • Pokémon fans who have a Pokémon Trainer Club account and have opted to receive the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter will receive a serial code for the Special Demo Version when the newsletter is emailed to them on October 21. Get a Pokémon Trainer Club account at no cost at Pokemon.com by October 19 to receive the October 21 newsletter and Special Demo Version serial code. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are sold separately beginning November 21.
  • Knowing those in Japan and soon Europe as well will be already playing it while we’re still sitting here waiting is pretty discouraging, especially with screenshots being shown by those currently playing. Not to mention that there was the whole thing about playing every single day and we’ll have less days to play than everyone else. Will we still get the reward? Is it just a certain amount of “Must-play days”? We don’t know. All we can do is wait and while I’m happy we finally got news about our demo… the fact that we’ll be waiting even longer than everyone else is just super discouraging. At the very least, if you do miss the newsletter, there will be another way to get the codes soon.

    I mean, just look at this video that was put up showing so many features too:

    And that flying just looks so much fun.
    I’m just sad you can only really do it on Latias or Latios rather than any Pokemon you can fly with.

    Speaking of features, more details on the returning PokeNav–now the PokeNav Plus–was announced and I am beyond excited for the DexNav. Completing the Pokedex and earning badges have always been some of my favorite things (Plus any kind of customization) so that mode just looks amazing and I expect to use it quite a bit.


    I mean, just look at it in action:

    All the PokeNav Plus features look great and I’m looking forward to what new things get added as well.