Fashion Dreamer – Finishing my Goals (well, until the next update)

As some of you may know, I can be quite the completionist. While sometimes that can be hyper-specific than overall, especially for games that seem to think only the most hardcore speedrunners care about completion, it’s still the way I tend to enjoy games.

Because of that, from the very start, my long-term goals in Fashion Dreamer have been:

  • Hit Master Rank
  • Hit Level 200 Brand Rank
  • Unlock every item from NPC Muses

One goal you may notice isn’t there however is unlocking every clothing item with Keys. That is because it is currently not possible to earn enough keys in-game to unlock everything. As more and more events happen, maybe we’ll eventually get to that point, but until then, I’m settling on having at least gotten the Brand Rank. The other issue is that the gachapon is currently horribly unbalanced and that’s a whole other issue. For now, I’m content with having been able to unlock all the things I wanted. Similarly, while it’d be nice to make each pattern at least once, ignoring gachapon issues, the item box can only hold so many items and it’d just be a waste of space.

The only other thing I might do is buy all the Furniture. I can afford to and have everything unlocked from maxing out the Brand Level, but it’s just a lot to click through. I’ll likely just do it in parts, but as long as the Showroom size isn’t increased, it’s unlikely I’ll even use anything anyway.

Regardless, while I managed to get the first two done pretty quickly, getting all the unlocks from NPC Muses was a bit more complicated. And while I wouldn’t use them too much (with a few exceptions for eye/hair color– how I wish there was a better ponytail…), besides the patterns, I also wanted to get all the Photo Poses, Make-up, and other Physical Appearance-related stuff as well.

The main issue is, outside of NPCs having Cocoon preferences (and honestly, it doesn’t always feel that way), there is little you can do to better your odds for who to show up unless you still haven’t unlocked everyone. The game caps at five brand-new NPCs introduced so if you avoid talking to any of them, even if you get the “Introduce to a Friend” unlock, no new NPCs will show up until you’ve spoken to one of those five (they will show up once you have). This means the game will have a smaller pool to pull from. Of course, that will only work for so long.

And as per usual, my way isn’t always the easy way, and I was much too excited to meet every new character to even consider that option. Thus, I was rolling through 200 NPCs and even if some NPCs supposedly had a higher chance to show up due to the cocoon choice, it was still a lot of rolling through NPCs. What I found helped was trying to make 1 Star outfits (IE: Outfits that didn’t have any cohesive color schemes and didn’t match their wants) as they seemed to show up less if they weren’t ready to level. Despite this, it still took several hours.

When I finally managed to get the final unlocks I had been missing, I realized I was actually still a bit short. I had gotten all the item/appearance/pose unlocks, yes, but I hadn’t gotten all the Muse Book photos. There’s a whole slew of Muses where their “final unlock”, Muse Book photo-wise anyway, is getting an item styled by you, so I had to re-find a whole bunch of Muses I thought I was done with which took several more hours.

But once that was finished, I was truly 100% done. I’m all set until future updates bring new things and now I can go back to actually putting effort into making outfits for NPCs again. Supposedly they do cap out at 99 so that may be my next goal, though, done at a more leisurely pace as I work on future Fairs and stuff.

Anyway, as always, some of the outfits I received from other Players through the Lookit Mail system:

And I finally managed to get this Bear in a nice photo again. It’s unlikely Fashion Dreamer will ever actually have merch, but I’d love a plush of this Bear.