Fashion Dreamer – Fair #3: Classic Fair!

The latest Fair is here and this time, it’s Steampunk/Vintage themed. I’ll mainly be talking a bit about my thoughts and sharing my screenshots, but you can check out my full playthrough of the event over on Youtube as well.

For the most part, this definitely had more items I was interested in. One thing I was especially excited for were the addition of mary-jane flats!! They’re some of my favorite shoes. Now just give me a version with a ribbon on them as well.

There were some other cute dress patterns too from the 10 new patterns added (which… I really wish we could organize stuff by newest because searching through things is rough when you can’t even unlock everything)…

…but as for the event itself, I only really liked the dress:

I might eventually make the shirt if I can decide on a neat color scheme (it’s times like these where I hate that it’s one time only for these patterns -_-) and I did make the hat, but that’s it. I don’t really care for any of the tights. I do wish the cage could be turned off though or that there was some kind of lace overlay over it– I just don’t like how the cage part looks on the dress. It feels kind of silly to me.

The furniture was all really neat, but with the limited Showroom space, I really couldn’t use most of it. I had to adjust a few things and remove one of the items from the first event to fit the new shelf (I just love rocks and crystals so much):

The event also introduced two new poses– a Marionette pose that I… really do not like (it creeps me out a bit) and this Aye Aye Captain pose which is cute but I probably won’t really use either:

Despite feeling a bit underwhelmed with the poses, all the new Photo Egg backdrops are really cute even if I’m not much of a photo person.

In general, the Classic Fair felt a lot quicker/smoother than the previous fairs which I really liked. I hope future ones will feel similar.