Fantasy Life: A Slow Progress

At the moment, the hardest thing for me is trying to decide between taking it slowly and leveling up things/completing all the challenges while I can or focusing more on completing the story. I’m still not sure which is the better way to go which makes things kind of hard. Technically, the former is probably better, but there’s certain classes (specifically, the other three combat classes) I just reeeeeeeally don’t care for. The others aren’t too bad, but take a lot longer and while I’m still enjoying them, part of me just really wants to enjoy the story.

The other thing I need to remember is to switch classes before I work on challenges. While I can use the skills at any point regardless of class due to getting all the licenses, there are actually certain penalties for having a different life than the one that actually uses that skill such as not catching as rare/better quality fish if not an Angler (more or less a lower chance to) and getting less wood/minerals.

But yes, let’s move on to some of the things accomplished toda–well, yesterday now. First, we received a special anonymous letter to head to the Palace. As per usual, Butterfly did the talking:

She honestly does kind of remind me of some people I know.

We also were able to spend some time in the Castle Garden during the day:

I still want her dress.

Then, we finally met Princess Laura! Well, how she normally looks anyway:

I’d want her dress in pink.

And since my fiancé has the game as well, the StreetPass function was triggered!:

Unfortunately, I still can’t find his character lurking around town :/

After spending way too much time getting distracted, I finally started to continue the story with Laura (who does not like being referred to as Princess)–I couldn’t help but take a few screenshots of some of the scenery though:

We then met Laura’s grandfather:

And I cut down another Elder Tree (I’m sorry tree T~T):

Eventually (after more distractions), we finally made it to the snowy part of the mountain:

And of course, I still took more pictures due to cute things:

We then finally made it to the top… or at least pretty close to it:

On the way over there, I had noticed a giant fish. Thus, rather than continuing up to the summit, I decided to pause and try and catch the fish.

I mean, just look at it. It was a hard and grueling battle, but well…

You can just watch it for yourself.

We then continued up to the summit–finding treasure along the way:

And of course, we managed to save the day:

As thanks, the Nap Dragon gave us a special treasure:

And Butterfly totally changed forms some strange mysterious lady appeared:

I also ended up getting some new clothes from the vendor near where I caught the fish:

I actually wanted to buy more, but the area ended up being closed off after I finished the chapter :/ Which stinks as I screwed up bringing the fish in (I needed to bring the bounty itself to the Flower in the Guild Building on the Bounty Desk–not just go to any Bounty and talk to the flower with the fish) and I really wanted to catch another too.

Regardless, I managed to catch another special fish:

And this time, I did the Bounty thing correctly.

I had unlocked the next town and I have to say, the town is gorgeous:

I really want a house there.

I also bought my next pet–a cute pink puppy named Sakura:

I’d like to get a Cat too, but I need to get my Bliss Higher. I may put my next Bliss rewards into mounts first though… but I am leaning towards the 3rd pet.

And I met up with Seabury again in the lovely Angler’s HQ building:

And then bought myself this dress which got rid of most of my money:

Of course, I made sure to dye it pink (well, red… I wonder if there are pink flowers?):

I had bought a flower hairpin, but I’m not too fond of the purple-ish pink color so I made it white:

And that’s it for today’s summary! Remember, if you want to see the full details, feel free to check out the Youtube videos!