Fashion Dreamer – Fair #4: Wonderland Fair!

Am I the only one who felt this dropped out of nowhere? Probably. It doesn’t help that I missed the initial announcement just a couple days before only to see the dropping of the Event last night. This week has been incredibly busy for me for a lot of reasons (some personal, some just too many things happening this week) and I felt bad I was coming into it late. I still managed to finish it last night, despite feeling kind of awful, but I just like to be able to get things done more timely.

To add onto things, besides the event (which was now bigger at 16 different sets of quests instead of 14) and additional patterns, this update also added various other additions/changes such as:

  • New Patterns, Make-up, and new color options (I still wish we’d get more hairstyles though… I want more ponytail options so badly)
  • New Photo Stamps and Brand Logo Options. I wish I could do more than three things for the Logo though… And as nice as new Photo Stamps are, we’re still limited to using only 10.
  • 3 new gachapon items per Cocoon (So 12 total) plus adjustments to the Gachapon rates. I’m so happy we finally have adjustments– I actually saw Gold multiple times and got Silver in most pulls, unfortunately, despite only wanting a few items, I did not manage to get any of them :( I’ll have to do a Gachapon Ticket Grind I guess…

From the Gachapon, there is one new item each I want from the HOPE and FUN Cocoons respectively and maybe one from the LOVE Cocoon, but my luck is still just… really awful. Whenever I play next, I think I’m going to mainly be going around and leveling up NPCs to try and get more gachapon tickets and we can see how many attempts it takes to get just one of the items I want (or better yet, one of each Gachapon item finally). That said, I mourn the thousands of tickets I’ve wasted on the previous terrible odds.

Going onto the Event itself, I’ll admit it’s not really my type of theme. I’m not a big Alice in Wonderland person nor do I really care for Jester motifs, so while I like the top of the dress, the rest I’d prefer somewhat different… Maybe I should’ve at least made the balls white, but I think it still looks kind of nice. I do wish the Key on the back was its own item though. Especially with the color it’s linked to :/

As mentioned though, there are now 16 series of quests instead of 14, which I don’t really care for. Having more patterns is nice, but I rather them just be set when they come up the first time (So you’d get 2 at the same time over 1 in one set of quests and another down the line).

The real highlight for the event for me was that there was finally a holdable Teddy Bear!! I’m sad that it’s limited to an event though… I don’t think I’ll use it too much more due to the limited quantity of it, but I love it so much.

Besides the new Teddy Pose, as you may have seen from above, there were also more Photo Backdrops as always:

Still not really my thing, but the Bunny one was my favorite.

Anyway, to finish this off, the usual random Lookit selection from the ones I’ve received! Thank you to everyone who sends them but also my Item Box cries and desperately needs and upgrade again.