Fashion Dreamer – Fair #5: Future Fair! (Plus a bit before)

So, I am writing the first part of this post the evening before the Future Fair starts. Shortly after a new free collaboration item that will be distributed, they announced that the new Fair will be out tomorrow (Late morning of the 11th in Japan, the evening of the 10th here in the USA).

In all honesty, most of the items do not seem to be my cup of tea at all, but I suppose I never really cared for that Cyberpunk-Futuristic style. Some of the extra new patterns look kind of nice at least. Some will just be new ones you can unlock from Influencer level (so I should just have them automatically), but others are new items being added to the gachapon which I have mixed feelings on.

I really wish you could buy extra gachapon tickets or even items outright as I have so many e-Points and barely any gachapon tickets due to how many I used up before things were adjusted. I wish they could’ve given us some as a consolation due to how bad the rates were originally. There are still 2 items I super want (One from the HOPE Cocoon and one from the FUN Cocoon) with an item from the LOVE Cocoon I’d like to have as well. Not to mention I’d still like to get the Heart Sunglasses from the FUN Cocoon too… And now I’m going to have to combat with even more items being added x-x

They also teased some items coming in a future update, but they don’t really seem to have any kind of cohesive theme.

Anyway, I haven’t really been doing much since– I’ve just been occasionally going around trying to continue to level up NPCs to a possible maximum level as I desperately try to grind up Gachapon tickets and it is very much not going well. If there is anything I’m hoping for with this Fair, it’s a lot of Gachapon ticket rewards and better luck than I’ve previously had…

Finally, here are a few of the lovely Lookits I’ve received:

Until there is another Item Box increase, I’ve decided to not check my Lookit Mail anymore (unless required for a Fair task)– I just can’t deal with the constant stress and frustration of cleaning out things. I’m just too indecisive for that.

With that said, the next part of the post will be written after we finish up the new fair…

The Fair is out! The game has updated! AND IT IS TIME. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the Fair felt faster than last time. I kind of hope they make all tasks just require 1 in the future instead of 2 or 3, especially as my Item Box is struggling. Regardless, if you would prefer to watch over read, my playthrough is up over on Youtube.

As mentioned, I didn’t really care for most of the stuff from the Future Fair, but I did design one of the Jackets and I did like several of the new Patterns added through the Shop Influencer unlocks.

Thankfully, none of the items that stood out to me from the Trailer are Gachapon items. They added just one new item per machine and none are really my cup of tea, but even with the Gachapon Tickets I received from the Event, I still couldn’t get any of the items I’ve been trying to…

Besides the Clothing Patterns and new Showroom stuff (The wallpaper and flooring are okay and I do show them in my video as are the furniture (which unfortunately I have no room to really show off), but still nothing I really care for), there are also two new Poses which are… also not really my thing:

Plus, new Photo Egg Backdrops. I would say the Pinkish Purple Arcade and the Blue Zodiac are my favorite ones.

I put the Jacket as my Hot Item for now, but honestly, I’m not sure if something would be a better choice. Let me know? Also a thank you to everyone who sent me a Lookit Mail– I’m sorry I can’t look at them right now (as mentioned above, I need an Item Box upgrade again first or it’ll just be a mess…), but I really do appreciate it!