Just so much to talk about

Despite not having written much lately, it’s not from a lack of things to talk about, but more of a lack of time. Between more games coming out and work also piling up, it’s been a bit of a hard balance.

I’ve still been working pretty hard on Pokemon, but have more or less given up on the “Completing Contests for all” goal I had. It seems they changed up the Contest mechanics in a patch and unless you really do have a good selection of moves for the contest, you will lose. And I hate that. I was so happy when it didn’t seem that was needed and as long as I had maxed stats, I had a good shot, but it seems that has changed and it’s super disappointing. Thus, my last two goals are completing the Pokedex and getting 1,000 Secret Base Flags. Once those are done, I’ll officially have my QR code all set up. I managed to make my Secret Base a bit more… homely (even if I still hate the small limit), but I do wish I could find the same base in a bush or Tree–not too fond of the sand colored walls. I’d also like to get the Super Training Ribbon at least for my Audino, but I just can not play Super Training at all so bleh. And I’m so sick of dealing with Secret Bases that require HMs–I don’t mind Surf, but I could care less about the others (unless it’s a one time thing and you can fly there afterwards) and it’s super frustrating. I don’t even bother now.

In the meantime, while working on my Pokedex, I am also putting up random Pokemon on the GTS for fun for Pokemon on my list so we’ll see how it goes.

As for other games, I’m anxiously looking forward to getting back to Fantasy Life. I only have a few Lives left to get to Creator and even though the game is kind of grind-based, I never really felt frustrated or bored. I really love the game and am looking forward to finishing it.

I’ve also still been playing Tomodachi Life (new update in about 4 days) and Disney Magical World (an update near Christmas). I’m still on break from Animal Crossing and I’m still not sure when I’ll pick it up again–it’s a bit of a catch-22 as I can’t fix my tree without playing more (even if it’s been over 500 days) but my motivation is just so dead because of it. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually, but it’ll be a long while–it’s depressing though as I was really hoping to have my Dream Village updated this upcoming April with the Cherry Blossoms :/ *sighs* I love the concept of Animal Crossing, but I wish they didn’t do such a poor job with certain mechanics this time. People keep talking about Animal Crossing for the Wii U too and I can’t even get excited for that. I’d probably care less if I didn’t work so hard on my town, but at the same time I really do love most of my villagers regardless and with the exception of maybe two, I’d still be devastated if they left. At least I wouldn’t care where they moved their house though.

One of the games I’ve had, but still haven’t found time to start, is The Lost Valley. I really do want to find time to play it. It makes me sad I haven’t. I just really need more time. I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to start it once I have Pokemon and The Lost Valley finished. Heck, lack of time is also why I haven’t found time to pick up Little Big Planet 3 yet. I’ve heard mixed things on it, but I’d still really like to get the game.

Moving onto other console games, we’ve been playing Captain Toad a lot and occasionally Smash Brothers. Captain Toad has been a lot of fun for the most part, but I really dislike the Mummy Toads. I’m not looking forward to doing the new time trial stuff either… Not to mention the Bonus episodes aren’t going as well as I’d like… :( Regardless, the game is still really cute. I hope to see more stuff added to it through Amiibo. Also–one thing I’ve noticed is it seems Toadette’s levels were always harder than Captain Toad’s. I’m not sure if that’s just me though.

As for Smash Brothers, we really haven’t done much beyond some events and unlocking all the characters. Having put so much work into the 3DS version, I’m somewhat discouraged to do it all again for something that is more or less the same game. In general, my favorite thing about the game has been the Amiibo. I wish you could use the Amiibo in all kinds of different modes as I really love using and training them. I bought Peach, Kirby, and Villager at launch and recently received Pikachu. We also have Zelda preordered and I am looking forward to Rosalina for the 3rd wave so yay.

But yes, I hope I can get stuff finished soon–I really want to get everything done. For now though, it’s back to website coding for another of my websites~