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On Custom Amiibo with some bonus Nintendo Direct stuff

As I try to calm myself about the Nintendo Direct starting in under 20 minutes (which has started by the time you’ll see this! I’ll talk about some thoughts later on) from the time I’m writing this, I decided to take a few moments to talk about something that has been becoming more and more popular–Custom Amiibo. I love the idea of Custom Amiibo and wish I had the talent to even attempt something like that. Not to mention if you do need to get two of the same Amiibo, this is a great way to keep them apart.

That said, the fact that Custom Amiibo has started becoming such a thing has made certain issues I had with my Amiibo much stronger and even a bit frustrating. While I can easily look over manufacturer errors or lower quality, what gets me the most is what Nintendo didn’t do in the first place which makes the biggest offender… Villager.

Now, I can understand not making different color palettes. I don’t think there’s any specific color palette that is largely popular and making just the character itself is easily the best way to go with the best chance of people getting it regardless as it is still the character. My issue is why not at least make the first female and male character of each that have a gender difference? While I’m not sure about Wii Fit Trainer, Villager and Robin both have huge fanbases for both gender and the fact that only the male is shown for Villager means the male will most likely be the only one for Robin. I know this isn’t definite, but I would be surprised at this point as Wii Fit Trainer also shows just the first character version–though, a female in that case. (And has now been confirmed with the Nintendo Direct :P)

So, after thinking of what customs I’d want if any, three immediately came to mind:
-Jigglypuff with her ribbon. I love that customization so much and I wouldn’t play as her any other way so this is just a huge costume option for me.
-Villager – I’d like to make it into the first default female. I’ve had the pink-haired Villager be my character in every AC game without even trying and thus, I’m pretty attached to her. Though, I think making the hairstyle like my actual character since Wild World may be a bit easier than the pink hair:

-Robin – I easily want the robes in the pink option, but like with Villager, I’d prefer the hair for my playable character:
Though, it’d be neat if I could ever have something of her with her dress… but in pink:

-And finally, while not needed, it’d be kind of fun to have Pikachu like this:

As for others, the following are all just ones that I’d like to have in alternate costume colors, but not really needed:
(I also wouldn’t mind a pink Yoshi, but that’s more to just match the pink Yoshi Plush I have)

I’d love to have someone do them (since I know I can’t), but I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable sending my Amiibo off sadly. But yes, Lucina and Robin have been announced for Wave 4 so I’m looking forward to getting both. I also plan to get the Mario Party Peach and Toad as well. While Peach I’d leave alone, I’d like Toad to either look like his Captain-self or even Toadette with her adorable Captain Toad outfit. Kind of more partial to the latter.

As for the Direct itself, not too much actually grabbed my attention. In general, I just have fun watching. Some stuff that did catch my attention though (minus Amiibo as I spoke about them already):
-New Fire Emblem – While I really enjoyed Awakening, I’m not sure if I’d actually enjoy another Fire Emblem or not. There’s a lot of stuff that added to why I liked Awakening would could make or break the new game for me.
-Pokemon Shuffle is pretty much just one of those mobile app games, but I’m still intrigued and may pick it up. I don’t expect to spend any money on it (I’m usually able to resist for mobile-like games)–I do wish it wasn’t like that though. But it’s a free game and looks cute… Just mixed feelings on the amount of turns you have. Those things tend to annoy me a lot :(
-Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is one of those games that makes me so upset because everytime they show something for it, it looks great and gets me more excited but I just can’t play it. I would be pausing the game so much if even being able to finish a level in one go and it just stinks because it looks great. :(
-The Amiibo functions of Mario Party 10 look interesting, but I’m still mixed on the main parts about Mario Party 10 so I don’t know if I’ll pick it up or not.
-Splatoon’s Plaza looks great. I’m still not sure if I will pick up the game just yet and as I’ve mentioned previously, I hate when stats are set through customization. :(
-Etrian Mystery Dungeon actually has me intrigued a bit, but I’m not sure if I will get it.
-Speaking of intriguing things, I have no idea what to think of Project Treasure just yet.

And the biggest thing I’ve seen people upset about… We’re not getting the normal ‘New 3DS’. As I spoke about when they were first announced, I didn’t care for the XL as they are just too big for me (and not my kind of colors) and for the normal, while I found the switching interesting, how much still would not be covered really bothered me. That said, I feel they’ve made better plates as it has gone and it has improved a lot. Regardless, the normal New 3DS has not been announced here which makes me wonder if it’ll ever come over. I think what disappoints me the most personally though is what Nintendo of Europe did with the Ambassador Program is amazing and now it seems we won’t be getting anything similar. And this is the kind of stuff that upsets me about region locking–the complaints would be a lot less if it wasn’t for all these exclusivity between regions along with the preorder bonus differences. It’s ridiculous :( And while I do find most of the cases kind of iffy looking, these upcoming ones in Japan look adorable:

As for stuff I was disappointed weren’t mentioned…:
-No info on Mewtwo
-No info on the next Mario Kart 8 DLC
-Nothing on the cute Collector’s Badge App out in Japan :(

Finally, I will end this with the trailer for the third Style Savvy game that was shown on Nintendo of Japan’s Direct:

I REALLY HOPE THIS COMES OVER. And I still want the update for Style Savvy: Trendsetters! T__T


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