In which I talk way too much about Style Savvy 3 (Girls Mode 3)

One of my favorite things to do when a new Nintendo Direct airs (besides watching it live–its always best to watch live and see others reactions at the same time!) is to check out the other Nintendo Directs too–it usually can give you an idea of games to look forward to (from Japan’s) and games you could hopefully be seeing soon (from Europe’s). While this isn’t always the case (so many games that never come over and even Europe gets some exclusive stuff like the Mario & Sonic Olympic Card album ;~; ), it still can get me pretty excited and Japan’s Nintendo Direct on Wednesday definitely ended up getting me the most excited for the game with the announcement of the 3rd installment in the Style Savvy series (Girls Mode in Japan). I already included the video of the opening in my entry 2 days ago so I won’t post it again, but I’d recommend watching it if you haven’t yet!

The opening though is just a fraction of some of the amazing stuff in the direct itself:

(Starts at about 38:40 in!)

One thing I’m excited about is it seems you will once again be able to customize your room (if not possibly more). I hope you will also be able to customize outside the store and maybe do more customization inside the store as well versus preset themes.

The game will have around 19,000 clothing options which is almost double than the previous game in the series had. I’m hoping this will mean a lot of styles and various colors–I always found lots of various pink shades I liked, but it was rare each outfit piece I picked actually matched color-wise… One of the biggest things I hope though is that we won’t have anything removed this time. The asian store for males had been completely removed from the US game which is incredibly silly considering they kept the Kimonos & Yukatas in for girls. Not only that, I feel like this is part of why we never received the update… I don’t think we ever will at this point, but hopefully we still get the third installment of the game over here.

But please, Nintendo, stop removing things from it. It’d also be nice if the downloadable items were available everywhere and not just one region :( I really liked some of the outfits Japan received…

Moving on, there will be over 1,300 combinations of hairstyles. I’m guessing with that many streaking will be back, but that is still A LOT. I’m hoping maybe we can mix and match fronts and backs of hairstyles–maybe different bangs with various hairstyles–possibly the ability to have hairstyles in both up and down versions? I just can’t wait to see what they will do.

I’ve never been a big make-up person so I never even really used the shop ingame, but I really like how you’ll essentially be doing it all including modeling. It just sounds like a full package rather than just one part of it. I do hope the game will have a better date progress though–please pick either real time or not and not the weird combination of month only. The fact that it was October for about 80% of the time I played Trendsetters was super depressing.

But the feature that has me most excited is we can FINALLY make our own designs! The templates to start look great and it seems you can modify them and I am just SO EXCITED. I hope shops won’t be region locked this time so you can get other people’s designs too. Maybe through QR codes like Animal Crossing? I’m really curious to how it’s going to work–I hope there isn’t a small limit on them.

Hopefully we’ll hear about a release date for the 3rd game in the series over in the US soon! Afterall, the game comes out in Japan in about 3 months. It’s too bad there’s probably no chance for a game like this to be a worldwide release :(