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The Lost Valley

If you caught my stream yesterday or watched it on Youtube, you’d know I finally started playing Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in it–Harvest Moon games in general (and I know some people consider this a “fake” Harvest Moon game–I consider both this and Story of Seasons part of the franchise personally) tend to start off slow and Lost Valley is no different.

That said, once I’ve kind of figured out my way around, I started to enjoy it a lot more. I do have some issues with it (I have tons of trouble with landscaping in general so this game is just… incredibly hard for me all around with that), but I still think its a fun game in itself. I do wish characters couldn’t spawn places you can’t get to though… Like, I mean, you could try and make a path up, but I literally ended up doing this from the start of the day until 4AM at one point to get to a character. It just gets kind of ridiculous at times trying to traverse this giant area and essentially the only fix is doing a ridiculous amount of landscaping which takes up a lot of time. Like this may be the first game where I’m not sure when my character will get married. I wish you could invite others to your town as it’d help a lot x-x I’d love to just get everything level (minus certain parts like my way up to the Goddess’ Spring) so I can start doing things… but it’ll be a long time for that.

At least my animals will stay with me. And I really love the cow designs in the game.

But yes, I’m honestly looking forward to playing it more and while it isn’t perfect, most Harvest Moon games aren’t. There’s definitely stuff I’m not looking forward to in Story of Seasons and I feel this game is being too harshly judged.


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