Sailor Moon :D

For those who aren’t aware, a special livestream is happening today for Sailor Moon with some news about the upcoming Anime this July (just in time for my birthday :D)

Sailor Moon is incredibly special to me for many reasons–but the number one is it really got me interested in Japan. It was the “first” Anime I watched (technically second–Pokemon was the first, but I honestly didn’t realize Pokemon was an Anime at the time) thanks to Toonami and I adored it. I ended up watching S through Stars subbed (as at the time, there was no dub for them) from a place not too far from where I lived. It was about 5 dollars to rent a VHS with about two episodes and I was always so excited.

Usagi/Serena and Rini/ChibiMoon were always my favorites. I identified with them a lot and just really adored them–plus with the same zodiac sign and the Moon as my “planet” from that, I had a lot of fun pretending. I had all the plushies and just really enjoyed everything. One day, I’d really like to rewatch it all–especially as I know some episodes were removed in the dub (though, I’ve seen some of them by now–including ones changed).

The next anime I watched was Card Captor Sakura–I also finished the dub version of it. Card Captor Sakura was also the first manga I had completed–I’d still like to read Sailor Moon’s at some point… but there’s quite a bit to go through.

But it was really thanks to Sailor Moon that I really learned so much of how much I loved and adored came from Japan. Animal Crossing brought me into the more cultural stuff with the Hinaningyou, but Sailor Moon took me that first step to really get interested in Japan itself.

I don’t really have any expectations for the Anime so there’s nothing in particular I’m super looking forward to–I’m just excited to see it and wish I could get more of the special merchandise for the anniversary!