Mario Kart 8! Revisited!

So, I will admit I wasn’t too hyped up about Mario Kart 8. I had been disappointed with 7 and hadn’t truly enjoyed a Mario Kart in a while (My favorite things with Mario Kart for the Wii were the special downloaded course tournaments each week–I do hope those make a comeback in this game), but the Nintendo Direct really kicked the hype up for me.

While I’m still apprehensive about some things (such as customization still being tied to stats–I just hope there isn’t a set that is obviously THE BEST EVER that just murders everything else), I’m trying to keep my hopes up. Plus, LOOK AT THESE KARTS:
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 The first one is my favorite, but I like the bear and yoshi ones a lot too. Pretty sure I'll end using the first though. Not sure if I will use those same tires or not though... Or the same glider. I know those Clouds were pretty cute. Moving on, I figure I'll play either Peach (Normal--though, I may try the Rose/Pink Gold one) or my Mii. Peach has really cute moves while Mii will be pretty standard sadly. I like being able to play with dark brown hair though (and also a girl) so