Warrior’s Way Complete! And Flower Town 1/3 of the way.

So, today I finally managed to beat the 300th Monarch from Afar which got me my last ticket! And thus, I went on to beat the Emperor in my 3rd run of the game–I actually didn’t expect to beat him on my first try, but I somehow pulled it off.

Besides that, I also FINALLY got the last Flower I needed to grow to get all 80–the Morning Echo! Growing all 80 got me a Silver Watering Can :D

I’m not done just yet though–I still have some jobs to complete plus I want to grow each flower in every color!

Mii Force is still a mess sadly though… As for Monster Manor, I am up to 10 puzzles and 7 team-ups and on floor…33? So I am hoping I manage to get all 50 puzzles and 3 more Team-ups before the 50th floor so I won’t have to start a new game, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up…