The Showfloor: Everything else

We pretty much got a mixed bag of everything else and other than a bit of stuff at Sony’s, it’s pretty varied. I’ll start with Sony’s though as it is the biggest and there’s adorable Mascot Parades (that we took lots of photos of).

Like my last entry, due to all the photos please click below to continue reading!

Besides lots of Sony (because so many cute mascots AND THE MASCOT PARADE), we did do a lot of exploring, so enjoy the following too!:
While we didn’t get to actually enter the casino, we had fun taking some pictures of the Payday 2 Area and playing the Slot Machine:
We didn’t win a mask, but we did get “cash”:

We also headed over to the Disney Interactive Booth and took some pictures:

I really love the Castle.

We also stopped by EA’s booth to take a picture of this lovely wall featuring Yarny:
You’re so awesome, Yarny.

Meanwhile, right behind the EA both was Warner Brothers with some pretty cool Lego Dimensions stuff:
lego lego2
They actually had banners hanging in the hallways too:

As Zero is pretty excited for Fallout 4, we also stopped by the Bethesda Booth:

Natsume also had an adorable booth filled with all kinds of cute things:

And finally, some other photos from various places such as Microsoft and Capcom: