Let’s Play Tomodachi Life!

So, I was offered the opportunity by Nintendo to play and write about my experiences in the game! It should be no surprise how quickly I said yes. I would like to point out not to expect updates every day for this game! Tomodachi Life works in real time and is pretty random so there’s no real schedule for when entries will go up. You can find the log for the game though by clicking the name of the game under Navigation–or just click here :P

To start, I made myself! (As you are supposed to :P)

As for the personality I received…:

I’m not sure how well the top part fits, but I think the bottom fits well. Unfortunately, while I’m creative, I can’t express it well :( I’m not really good at any artistic outlets…

After that, Jennifer moved into the apartment:

She was hungry so I stopped by the newly opened Food Mart and bought her some pancakes. FOOD IS SO REALISTIC IN THIS GAME. After eating, she mentioned that she was a bit lonely…

Thus, I decided to go and make Zero, my fiancé.

And for his personality…:

My Mii immediately went over to meet him.

She was a bit nervous, but in the end it worked out.

A fountain was then set up to help raise funds!

Thanks to Jennifer and Zero, we raised $23.90.

Game!Me also asked if I loved playing video games… After saying I love them, she said she hopes I love playing this one too. Talk about breaking the 4th wall :P One of the neat things in the game though is how you can take pictures instantly of the top and bottom screens which is good as so much happens on both.

Anyway, Town Hall shortly opened…

Plus an Observation tower!

And clothing!

While Zero and Jennifer hung out quite a bit.

And Jennifer learned how to show when she was feeling sad, leveled up, and earned a Rent-a-Dog Coupon!

I seriously love when she plays with the dog:

She also learned how to show when she’s worried and received a new outfit:

Jennifer also stopped by Zero’s to play with his cat:

And we unlocked Nintendo 3DS Image Share!:

And if that wasn’t enough, not too long after we became friends, Zero had a Heart notification and well…:

I hadn’t unlocked too many places yet, but he decided to tell her on top of the Tower.

Afterwards, irony happened and in a game with Zero, I won an Engagement Ring.

It was hard, but I managed to pull it off:

Since it was pretty late, I decided to make some other Miis too.

(Just some of many)

In the meantime, Jennifer rolled around in her room:

And I gave Zero a Rock & Roll song while I received a Bath set from Syaoran.

As for what the Bath Set was for… Syaoran liked his new outfit:

Zero got the song for leveling up :P

We quickly had more things open up–such as a Hat Shop and a Concert Hall.

And Leisure Island!:

Though, Jennifer and Zero were happily being a couple and just hanging out for the most part.

With Leisure Island opened, I was able to try Tomodachi Quest for the first time!

Sadly, I failed :(

I also played a game with Ami and managed to win!

I’m not always lucky though–I received a Box of Tissues when I failed the game Zero wanted to play with me…

My Mii then fell asleep and I realized I could actually draw on her face while she’s sleeping!

I didn’t though.

Cookin’ Mama had an especially weird Dream…

The Muffin and Fancy Cupcake wanted to say they were getting married. Then Fancy Cupcake was dragged into the real world.

Meanwhile, Syaoran got a mysterious letter from… Zero?!

In disguise?? Well… that was really really weird.

Regardless, the Pawn Shop opened up shortly:

And Jennifer got a Part-time Job:

She also made her first female friend–Tomoyo:

Then we got some news that wasn’t just newsflashes…

Where apparently Sakura and Jennifer got stuck pressed in a book…


Regardless, they ended up being okay and I played a fun trivia game about the Miis living on Pink Sea Island.

I also gave some Rock & Roll Music to Jennifer which unlocked the Group option at the concert Hall:

Zero and Jennifer had fun:

At this point, our population hit 10!

There was a party.

Then the Rankings Board unlocked!

I also gave Jennifer a Ballet Manual so she was dancing in her room:

With so many Miis moving in, the Apartment expanded!:

Also, seriously, items in this game are so detailed. The food tends to make me hungry :(

And after unlocking the interior shop, I gave ChibiUsa a nice garden room.

I may change it at some point though.

We then hit 30 Move-ins!:

Plus, Luna and Subaru became friends:

And another Apartment expansion!

Which lead to another celebration for having 50 Miis living on Pink Sea Island:

I got Minako a red ribbon–I hope I eventually get a nicer one however:

And I found out one of Misora’s most hated foods:

I also got Kendall and Logan new outfits:

Plus I played a game trying to get the other player out…

Hershel was relaxing in the Cafe with some tea.

And I unlocked Quirky Questions!

Meanwhile, this morning… Haruka and Brock were in the Cafe and Misora was spying:

Victorique was playing on the Carousel:

Rose was relaxing on a bench on the Observation Tower:

And we received lots of Fountain donations for the new day!:

Total: $58.30

The Morning Market was selling Lobster today.

As for the news…

Today is Ash’s Birthday! And yes, the la’s are in tune with Happy Birthday.

After, it was time for Magic Shows!

Luigi was riding the Roller Coaster:

And Hotaru and John were relaxing in the Cafe:

Carlos then went to befriend Jade while Dave went to befriend Nike:

I also got Hershel a nice new suit:

And the Photo Studio opened!

I really want to do all the other Pair Settings so I hope to do that tomorrow!

Jade learned how to be Disappointed and leveled up.

Of course, I had to give Jade the Dog Rental:

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Tomoyo chatted at the cafe.

Then the Afternoon Market opened and I bought the outfit Michiru was selling:

There was also a Barbecue:

I was able to try Tomodachi Quest again so I did my best!

I managed to win this time! :D

Minako really likes her new ribbon:

And this cupcake is so cute T~T:

I also gave Jennifer a book:

She enjoyed reading it:

I then gave Jennifer some of the random items I got to try them out:

And I gave Luna a Ballet Manual:

I also tried out the Kaleidoscope:

And played with the AR Camera:

I then played Frisbee in the Park with Brock and Setsuna:

And gave Jennifer a Bubble Blower:

And also checked out the Mobile:

And the sewing machine!:

Jennifer quickly got to work and made a new outfit:

I then gave her a 3DS XL:

And she took a bath:

Then played on the Swing:

We then tried out the Hypnotism Item…

It seems to let you pick any of the Dreams you’ve seen at least once so…

You don’t get the item though, sadly. :(

I had also gotten two travel tickets so I also tried those out–to my surprise, Jennifer took Zero with her on both!

Sometime after, I was surprised when I saw a pink heart alert from Jennifer…

She wanted to propose to Zero! It was a bit untraditional, but I told her okay. The Amusement Park was chosen and the mission began…

Thankfully, it all went well and the Wedding Plans began.

And by plans I mean it immediately happened next.

It was then off for the Honey Moon and wow do I wish this could be our real Honey Moon T___T

Moving on from romance, I figured out Kendall’s 2nd favorite food:

Unlocked the Compatibility Tester:

Gave Hershel, Jade, and Mamoru some new interiors:

Figured out Jigglypuff’s least favorite food:

And dyed ChibiUsa’s and Ami’s hair:

Jennifer and Mark/Zero moved into a nice house (though they still visit their apartments too)!:

And while Victorique and James became friends, they also got into a fight…

Plus unlocked the Popularity Ranking:

Setsuna and Claire had a rap battle.

Claire won.

The evening shop was selling a Mystery Bag for 50 dollars…

I decided to buy one and I received Salopetes, Cheesecake, and a Work Hat.

Tomoyo and Jennifer were gossiping at the cafe.

As were Rose and Michiru:

Victorique then made up with James.

And I gave Jennifer the Frying Pan I received from Victorique…

She made a Mango… somehow. Regardless, it caused her to level so I gave her the Musical song:

I also got another hair dye so I did Michiru’s hair!:

Next will be making Ami’s hair a bit darker or Setsuna’s Dark Green. Also Livius’ needs to be Dark Blue and maybe I should make some Miis’ hairs a bit more orange… I really need more hair dye :( But yes, lighter orange for Nike, Darker Orange for Misty, Pale Yellow for Luna, 3rd blue from the right for Ami, 4th from the right on the 2nd row for Setsuna… so much to do T~T I’d probably use Dark Purple for Rei, but I don’t think it’s dark enough.

Meanwhile, Ran went and became friends with Rei:

And Misora went and became friends with Mimi:

And Clive went and became friends with Mario:

And I gave Rei a more Traditional Interior:

Then I gave a camera to Jennifer.

She took a picture of Bamboo.

And then we worked on a Slide Puzzle:

It took a while, but it was done:

I managed to get 2 more hair dyes so I did Setsuna and Nike next:

Finally, WEIRD DREAM SHOWCASE! From the last like… 24 hours:

(The Snail one is kind of creepy considering you get Escargot after…)

Before I stopped, I made sure to check the news… and apparently Hershel is holding Dating Courses? O___o

And then there was a newsflash announcing a new ranking!

And another for 100 Mii Problems Solved @-@

However, I heard I was getting a certificate and received no such thing! T~T

That was it for today <3 But I am looking forward to more tomorrow! (And hopefully future entries won't be so big) Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D