My Biggest Issues with Splatoon

Splatoon has been out for about a month now and while I covered this a bit in my review, I wanted to talk about it in more detail–especially considering my frustration with the fact that the date chosen for Splatfest is July 4th which is a pretty big day in the USA. While I know the USA isn’t the only country in North America, it does have the most sales of the game and was just an incredibly poor choice.

Before I get to the biggest part of the rant, I do want to say I have a lot of issues with the fact that Splatfest is only one day (If it was 2-3 days, the fact that it’s date is poor wouldn’t matter as you’d still have two other options). You literally have 24 hours to try and get enough points which can take nearly half the day of playing straight to earn them. Also, we still only have one outfit with a skirt. :( And the new Cat vs Dog artwork still stinks.

With these out of the way, it is now on to the thing that inspired this entry: I really hate everything involving the customization and skills in the game. Despite talking about how “fashion focused” the Inklings are, the fact that it’s all preset-skills is really stupid. Even more so with the ones you unlock being random. Even though there’s mixed opinions on how much skills help, due to my poor aim I generally find them really helpful. Some skills aren’t great though and other skills just won’t work well with certain weapons.

It just feels so silly to me. I can understand them being random at first, but at least let people actually be able to select them if they pay snails. Let them pay more snails to do so–even more so if it’s for a main ability. I just feel that can add so much more to the game with customization and skill sets versus it being random and stuck with certain things.

I still wish weapons also let you pick their abilities over being pre-set, but I do feel they do have pretty good sets at least and knowing what you will be getting ahead of time is nice.

It’s just so hard for me to fully enjoy any of Nintendo’s games with customization lately because it’s almost always tied to stats and it’s just really disheartening.