Donations and Purchases

So, first thing I did was start up Tomodachi Life in hopes to continue my collection of items. There’s SO MUCH in the game, but only so much you can get each day so I find it worthwhile to check while I can. I started with the Interior Shop where I picked up something for Rachel:

(I also gave her a Rent-a-Cat Coupon)

I then headed to the Fountain for Donations:

Look how full it ended up being:

We received a total of $202.20! :D

Hershel was selling Grapes in the Morning Market so I picked up a few.

After spending nearly all my money on various clothes, hats, and food… I noticed “Event” over the Cafe and stopped by to see Setsuna and Mako talking…

…about burgers?! Mako went on to say how stylish Ami was and Setsuna said she had a secret, but ended up not spilling it. She did say they should invite Rei to go with them next time though.

As for the Magic Show…

I don’t think this is what Luke had in mind when he became your assistant, Professor.

Apparently the 8th of each month is now Origami Crane Day.

I hope something actually happens on the 8th of next month.

I then gave Jennifer one of the new hats I got (though, I don’t think I’ll be keeping her in it) and gave her a Laptop which made me replace one of the items I gave her…:

I took away the Study Kit :( I guess I should’ve realized those 8 boxes exist for a reason. I’ll probably work on more Songs next then unless there’s an item I really want her to have more.

Speaking of hats, I also got Mimi a proper one:

Much better.

Unfortunately, Carlos made himself depressed…

He likes Jade, but she likes someone else.

I then stopped in at Jennifer’s where she was playing Wii U with Zero/Mark:

I gave her a Music Box:

So cute T~T I really wish they kept these items… And she got all sad when it ended so I winded it back up and just soooo cute T~T

Awww <3 And she made another outfit with a sewing machine:

I also finally got more hair dye so I was able to do Misty’s hair:

Meanwhile, away from the Apartments…:

And taken with the Disposable Camera:

Usagi, Setsuna, Mako, and Zelda on the Ferris Wheel.

Ran, Rei, Luna, Rachel, Dave, and… one other Mii relaxing in Ran’s room.

Mako, Peach, and Jigglypuff at the Cafe.

Zero, Sakura, and Hershel at the Fountain.

Setsuna and Mako playing Soccer.

I also gave Jennifer some money only for her to tell me how she needs $9,886 more to go to Outer Space… it’ll be a while. For now, I spent some time performing at the Concert Hall.

Plus, I got another Music Box:

This time, Jennifer was the center piece.

James introduced Misty to Victorique which was neat.

Mako also introduced Setsuna and Peach together in one of the videos I did.

And the news for the evening involved Akina saving Luke’s Teddy Bear:

And to end it, Jennifer made another outfit:

Weird Dream Segments

And my I totally got carried away with the Photo place Photos…

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D

Finally, remember, while I’m mostly adding fictional characters (even if some are based off real people), you can add whoever you want! Even real life celebrities:

Be sure to keep watching Nintendo’s Youtube for more videos with various sneak peaks :D And the official website!