Money goes so fast…

So, while going through the new shop items of the day, I accidentally spent $800 on a Interior I didn’t care for… Oops X__x At the very least, I managed to get $235.60 from Donations today T~T

After buying some Butter Cookies at the Morning Market, I noticed an Event happening at the Cafe–Mamoru and Brock were chatting.

I was happy to see more people wanting to make friends. I’d love if those popped up more–relationship prompts seem rather slow in the game to me. Of course, sometimes it’s patching fights up too:

…why can’t you just make something cute? T___T

At least I finally got to fix Ami’s hair color!

Livius is next and then I think that’s it. Well, possibly lighter blonde hair for Luna and Rose too. And I guess I should do Misora’s hair as well. Plus can look into making Tomoyo’s Dark Purple/Grey. And pure white for Solo and Ragna. So… 7 Hair Dyes to go T~T

Speaking of things I only need so much more of…
Pop: 6/7
Opera: 6/7
Ballad: 6/7
Rap: 6/7
Techno: 6/7
Metal: 6/7
Musical: Done!
Rock & Roll: Done!

Apparently it was a fighty day though:

Thankfully, they were able to make up as well.

In my effort to try and get more songs, I decided to work on leveling up. Zero took these pictures with the Disposable Camera of Jennifer, Hershel, Kirby, and Jade at the fountain:

And Makoto, Jigglypuff, and Peach at the Cafe:

I managed to give him Pop and Ballad so just one more for Ballad now! Meanwhile, I finished Pop and then managed to get someone else leveled for Ballad (SO BEAUTIFUL). Opera, Rap, Techno, and Metal left @-@

With a few more gifts, I managed to pull Opera as well, but I don’t have nearly enough to attempt the last 3 anytime soon.

Soon, I hit 200 Mii Problems solved!

Yay :D …I didn’t get a Bronze trophy :(

After helping Sakura and Hershel make up, I received another Hair Spray!

Livius was next :D

I love checking in on their house:

I wish you could customize it.

Syaoran had a weird dream during his nap–now I’ve actually seen them all!:

This one uses the inside Camera–more or less outside the window is whatever your camera is looking at. Apparently I’m terrifying :(

I also played more Tomodachi Quest:

Despite 2 party members falling we did it and walked away with some Caviar :D

Meanwhile, Mako, Setsuna, and Peach were chatting in the Cafe.

I then went and bugged Jennifer and Zero at their house again to test the Frying Pan with Zero for fun and since he still has to learn some songs.

After, I managed to get enough Miis for the full Techno performance. I then noticed that the Event in the Park changed to a photo shoot? Curiously, I checked.

To my surprise, they actually took a photo of me… or well tried to–I have my 3DS on the Kid Icarus stand so… enjoy my forehead I guess.

I also decided to give Jigglypuff a Sewing Machine to see what she might make..:

Hmm…. still not a cute dress though T~T

Daisy’s Sewing Machine attempt:

Oooo. Not completely fond of the top but still cute T~T

Finally, Metal and Rap! Which concludes all full group performances :D Ballad is definitely my favorite both alone and with a full group followed by Musical for both. Not sure which after.

After buying another Mystery Bag, I checked the news which let me know about Setsuna trying to eat a bunch of peanuts…

She sadly was unable to get the final bite in.

To end this, we had a new move-in today!:

Matt asked to join my game and so I popped him in :3 Hopefully he finds it nice here on Pink Sea Island! And remember, if anyone else I know wants to be added, just let me know :D

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D