Shiny things and Friends

I love the Interior Shop. The interiors are just incredibly well-made:

Of course, those are also much more expensive! (Disco is 1,000 dollars while Prehistoric is 3,000 dollars). The simple ones are still pretty nice.

Today, I ended up filling some requests for things people wanted to see such as the song from the Tomodachi Nintendo Direct (WHICH IS AMAZING AND SHOULD BE WATCHED IF YOU HAVEN’T YET! Not enough words for how excited that Direct made me):

As you can see, it still sounds pretty much the same (ignoring that I have more girls and 1 more person than the official video). The first song has a chance from Bounty Hunter to Sailor Senshi as I do not have Samus in my game and it’s Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary celebration is still going and thus, Usagi got the namedrop :P The second version does feature no word changes however.

Meanwhile, Kirby entered a Stretchy Face Challenge…

Wow, Kirby.

And even married couples can fight:

While Zero apologized, Jennifer was still pretty upset.

Also, more sewing machine fun!:

…Maybe I’ll try asking Daisy again next time:

or not. Jennifer’s attempt:

If only it had sleeves… T__T

And watching Miis play with Dogs = my favorite thing:

We also unlocked a new ranking:

Anyway, this will probably be the last “daily” entry (there will still be entries, just not every day!), but you can always keep an eye on Twitter for random screens/commentary too

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D