Residents and Experiments

I’m still slowly moving people in. I don’t necessarily regret moving lots of people in at once (helps make more money), but really just am frustrated more prompts don’t pop up about friends or something because that’s the main reason I did. My Miis are so lonely :(

Despite that, our newest residents!

I also did try changing the date in the game slightly to see how it’d go–good news is there’s nothing bad for not playing. Bad news is any date/time change means there will be nothing new for 24 hours–so no money at the Fountain, no new items sold at events, no new store stock, etc. Thus, my “day” is currently kind of boring. Miis are still making friends though and doing their usual craziness so I suppose it’s not a complete loss :P

As for changes between the Japanese and English versions… Off the top of my head:
-When someone is working at the shop that isn’t one of their Miis, they have a bag on their head in the original. In the US version, they have a box on their head.
-The football game was originally Sumo Wrestling. I’m not entirely sure why as Sumo Wrestling isn’t unknown here and I’ve never known of any Football Players to do something like this? Wrestlers would’ve made a bit more sense.
-Most, if not all, the food was changed which kind of stinks. I really love Japanese Food so I kind of wish they just added more stuff we’d know versus removing so much of it. I don’t know if Japanese outfits are gone too, but I hope not. Regardless, I will be sad that now Takoyaki is probably not in the game. Though, maybe that’s a good thing since everytime I’d see it I’d want some and going into the city just for Takoyaki is a pain….
-You donate into a Piggy Bank at the fountain in the US version while you put the money into a box in the Japanese version.
-The Rap Battles aren’t in the Japanese version (I believe it was training or something in the Japanese version?).
-We received two additional song genres (for a total of 8 versus 6) and lost the traditional Japanese one. (Japan had Opera, Pop, Metal, Rap, the Traditional Japanese one, and Rock). Techno, Musical, and Ballad are new to the US game. I wish we could’ve kept that one too though…

There could be more differences, but those are the ones I know off the top of my head (minus the obvious they speak Japanese :P)

I also have seen a lot of people complaining on pronunciation, but you can at least try and get it to pronounce right by clicking the button that looks like “volume” next to the option to put it in how you want to say it–it’s how I got them to say Nike correctly (They kept trying to like Nigh-key, but I spelled it Knee-kay with the option so they’d say it correctly).

Moving back onto actually playing, one of the new favors I ran into is John and Mimi both lost items. I went around to Miis who had Problems and Luigi actually found John’s. He was super happy to get it back:

Meanwhile, Subaru found Mimi’s:

Even though most things weren’t going on today, Tomodachi Quest was still ready to go again–it’s still rather hit or miss how I do:

Meanwhile, Jennifer, Tomoyo, and Tom Trent were hanging out at Tomoyo’s:

Sewing machine experiments continued, but still not much luck:

Also, Space Interior unlocked!

5,000 Dollars… it’ll be a while.

And more hair dye so Tomoyo’s hair is now Dark Greyish Purple:

Carlos took a picture of Brock and Mamoru at Mamoru’s place…

…Though, it does kind of look like Mamoru is about to kick him >>

The fountain is one of my favorite places.

And I could watch her play with Doggys forever:

Things were back to normal the next day with updates happening properly. One thing I’ve found interesting is I seem to still keep finding new things between the news reports:

And smaller things like suddenly getting a bonus gift when buying from the Morning Market.

Unfortunately, there was nothing really neat for sale today :( I did unlock the final Special Interior for getting Jennifer to level 30 though:

I’m not sure what I’d ever use it for. It costs 20,000 dollars.

But I did manage to solve 400 problems:

And dye Misora’s hair:

Just Ragna, Solo, and Rose to go. And maybe Rei too.

Also, two more Miis move in:

…I really should probably stop moving in Miis… but it’s so much fun T~T

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into pre-ordering it!