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Travel Log: San Francisco Day 4

So, this is the last San Francisco update (as we got home yesterday!) :3 Sunday we tried to head towards Ghiradelli Square and the Pier and just explore around. It was a lot of fun, but I don’t have too much to say (it was a long day, afterall!) so just enjoy some photos instead :P

But before we get to those, here is a short version of the events:
Sadly, we ended up having a late start. The only complaint I have for our room is that the bed was really hard and so it made it hard for us to sleep at times. It was great for naps, but when it came to through the night (and from the desk chairs), we just would usually feel sore and iffy.

Thus, what ended up a wanting to get up early and do a lot ended up getting up late and not getting to do everything as much.

Ghiradelli’s Square was great, but it was as it got later when we got it to the pier that it became iffy. Ignoring a subpar dinner, I was really hoping to catch enough Magikarp to get a Gyarados and due to starting late, we didn’t. I had less than 10 to go left, but I could barely feel my fingers and I was so cold along with my face getting a bit sunburned. I actually think I might be sick now due to it sadly :(

To make things even crazier, when we were packing and getting ready for bed, some random lady kept trying to break into our room. In the end, we had to call hotel security who took care of it, but it made it even harder to sleep and made things a bit messy for when we got up.

The ride to the airport was fine and we got through security fast (and the passport checker even talked to us about Pokemon GO which was fun), but I just felt so tired and now my sleeping is messed up so bleh :( Not the best last days overall.

Regardless, we did get to see some adorable Sea Lions at least so now please enjoy some lovely pictures:


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