In which I talk a lot about Vdex Project

Vdex Project, for those who probably aren’t aware, is a Pokemon-based site with its own story that essentially has you exploring, through your browser, the various regions and catching Pokemon that was created by Shirogane. Unfortunately, it’s closing this upcoming January :(

Of all the various Pokemon browser game based sites, this was my absolute favorite because there was so much more of a focus on Collecting and Goals. Battling was off in its own side mode and not something you needed to really focus on. You could make out your Pokemon’s stats and just explore every region and do your best to catch all the forms.

Not to mention there was no silly hoard tons and maybe hatch something you want or get a bazillion people to click your Pokemon to get it to evolve. You could play with the community or even do a lot of it yourself. It was just so much more enjoyable to me. You could even catch all kinds of different Gen sprites.

Heck, there was even a Custom Event once:
I should add a Mega Audino Poncho to it one day. My husband’s custom:

And of course, I essentially got several Mega Audino when they were added for my party:

But there were also various event sprites–these were two of my favorites:

And these were the various collections I had:

A few highlights of some of the Pokemon seen above:

I also collected lots of items…

And even had my own dungeon:

It was just a super cute site and incorporated a lot of what I loved about Pokemon. I never managed to earn all the achievements, but I still did my best:

I’m really going to miss this. To finish this off, a lovely picture of Celina, my Pokemon OC, that Shiro drew for me:
It’s still one of my favorites <3 I'm going to try and do my best to see if I can get the last few things I wanted to do done before it's closed, but even if not, I'll just enjoy it while it is still around.