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Disney Magical World 2 – 100+ Stickers!!

So, I did my very first stream for the game last night and it went pretty well :) I definitely may try and stream it again and just such a huge thank you to everyone who watches the videos on Youtube. Also a thank you to everyone reading here! This is definitely where to go if you want to see more of my thoughts :P

Taking off from where we last left off, I was working on getting invitations to the other balls:

I also took some time to work on the other Lilo and Stitch episodes:

I struggled a few times to get Gold with the Normal Difficulty, but actually did perfect on the Difficult one on my first try. I really hated re-fighting the boss, but with that done it was off to Atlantica:

I enjoy the Little Mermaid a lot, but it really confuses me about where exactly this takes place. Everything else is clearly after the movies except for this one.

I absolutely adored the Concert episode–I want more episodes like this over Battle system:

I then decided to host a Nightmare before Christmas Party as the last items I need for that set are from quests from Jack and Sally:

I also held a Little Mermaid party:

And it makes no sense she is swimming in it. The bubbles are an effect. None of this makes sense in any way.

I really wish the Gold Frame Dreams were more unique over just some new interactions on the same stage. I did love this piano though:

I loved the Little Mermaid dream:

The Sleeping Beauty one was kind of lame though.

I mean, I guess the Maleficient fight was cool, but it just felt kind of underwhelming overall.

Nightmare Before Christmas’ was… interesting.

After enough procrastination, it was onto Wonderland.

I hate Wonderland. Like ignoring that I don’t care for the movie/story, the world is frustrating, I’m not a big fan of any of the characters (Alice would be my favorite by default but would not be close to any characters I really like), and it just has some of the worst ghosts and still the same ear-piercing 10 second loop of pain for its music.

After suffering for a bit, I headed back to the Hundred Acre Wood as I finally got the Cookie Barley for Kanga and could continue the quests. First Pooh and I went to gather Honey for the Hunny Party…

And then we finally had it:

I then decided to work on Cafe Requests some more and finally held a Pirate Party:

And finally got the Big Turnip Sticker:

It was then back to Wonderland where I completely called Imposter-me would end up being the Boss of this World:

I then headed back to the Hundred Acre Wood to continue getting some new things harvested:

To further procrastinate heading back to Wonderland, I decided to go finish off the Frozen post-boss quests.

Then it was off to host more parties for Cafe Request completion.

After enough procrastination, it was back off to Wonderland.

Even my character doesn’t want to be here. And as predicted, this was the boss fight:

The boss fight was actually pretty fun though–it had a bit of a puzzle element to it and it helped make it much less frustrating.

With that, I got my 100th sticker!

And unlocked even more stickers to collect and the lovely credits roll.

And then we ended the day with a Halloween Party:

Next goals are to get all the new stickers and finish all the episodes :)

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