Mario Kart 8 and Tomodachi Life Ramblings

So, Mario Kart 8 came out in North America today! I’ve been enjoying the courses a lot, though, my index finger hurts from how much drifting is required (how much I suck at said drifting doesn’t help). I won’t talk too much about issues though as I do plan to write a review sometime soon :)

Moving on, I sadly still haven’t been able to unlock Prancer :( Even after doing a 32 course versus match and all the cups… I plan to do 150CC on each next but bleh, super disappointed. I don’t want to play online until I have the Cloud Glider and Prancer Kart so…

I did do some uploads from the ingame uploader thingy however:

My fiancé and I playing–I really love Moo Moo Meadows.

Another of my favorite courses.

I actually got to break a Blue Shell with the Horn in this one.

I actually am really surprised I won–I fell off the track, but ended up landing below it and managed to skate ahead to victory.

SO much love for Moo Moo Meadows.

And trying out the Teddybear Buggy while I continue to try for the Prancer Kart T__T

I seem to play better with my Mii, but I’m really not fond of the outfit in the game. It looks so bulky and the helmet really annoys me. I wish our Miis could just have a few outfits to choose from or something–I’d love to ride in a kart as my Mii with Princess Peach’s crown and dress :(

Also, be sure to check out the latest Nintendo Minute to finish up “Mario Kart MAY-hem” if you have been enjoying Mario Kart 8!:

It has an amazing giveaway at the end (and wow do I hope I win somehow because I’d cry tears of happiness at the idea of a figure of my Mii riding in the Prancer Kart T~T)

As for Tomodachi Life, I’m still enjoying it tons! I just wish more friendship and relationship stuff would happen, but they just seem to so up so rarely even with so many Miis… Still an incredibly fun game though. Hopefully I’ll have another entry soon :) And the review will be up on June 6th! If you are feeling impatient, Nintendo is still uploading fun Tomodachi Life videos:

I hope to record another video soon!