Disney Magical World 2 – All 130 Stickers complete.

So, I finally managed to get all of the Bonus Stickers. They went fast for the most part as a lot I hit immediately or knew what to do to quickly get them. I just wish the reward was better I guess? Besides the crowns/gift boxes, you just get this message in the end:

And I liked being able to have a special photo and stuff like the last game did (Credits were at like 77 Stickers or something) versus a message I’ll probably never see again. It’s a very cute message though.

Speaking of messages I’ll never see again, upon maxing my Cafe and talking to my manager, I got this:

Unfortunately, I hadn’t expected her to go into a big speech after hitting Level 30 for my Cafe. I had finished recording and was checking with her to put up new dishes before I went to bed so I was hitting A thinking it was the same dialogue and NOPE. I’ll be kicking myself for a while :(

Moving onto some happier things, I’ve been working hard on my collections. For the most part, it seems what items I have left are Vendor/Scrooge’s Shop exclusive OR are from other holidays/events. There are some that come from quests though–I need to hope that Sally will give me the quest for the Pumpkin King Portrait soon. I wish those were set to always come up first until you got them. So for now, after making what I can, I decided to work on throwing parties for all the frames:

And thus, lots of dreams:

I also started working on finishing all the episodes. I still had Castleton’s, Wonderland’s, and Atlantica’s to go.

It’s nice having them done, honestly. Even if I have to keep grinding some of them…

And I finished with my permanent cafe layouts, house, and room stuff for now :) As long as I don’t end up liking any seasonal stuff more–you can find those in my game log page!

Finally, I did manage to make all the dishes I have though so I’m ready for the future seasonal ones:

And well, it gets long so…