Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Finally, More houses!

It’s been a long time, but I decided to try and stream some Happy Home Designer today :)

Broffina – A Bus Station

Rating Address: 0097-5775-704

Ken – A Ninja Hideout

Rating Address: 0796-5775-794

Cousteau – A restaurant for exotic food.

Rating Address: 0108-5775-244

Cube – An eco-friendly Factory

Rating Address: 0608-5775-284

Lyman – A veggie palace.

Rating Address: 0603-5775-754

Chevre – A high-security bank vault.

Rating Address: 0903-5775-264

Del – A Shrine to Seafaring.

Rating Address: 0600-5775-294

It was really fun to stream it again <3 I hope everyone enjoyed watching too.