Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Housing Journey Continues

Two of the things I really have been wanting to work towards more is some kind of stream schedule and also play more Happy Home Designer. I’m more than halfway through getting all the houses done and it’s been a goal for me since the beginning. Whenever the next AC comes out, it’s something I genuinely would like to have done.

I don’t see myself streaming or recording myself touching up places, but I may do a final “tour” once I’ve unlocked everything.

That said, both have hit a rut for me which is why I’m hoping working towards both goals together could help. The problem with HHD is a lot of the themes are VERY similar. I can only do so many restaurants. There’s also multiple instances of things just… poorly translated which leads to you working hard on something that wasn’t asked for (I still don’t understand why a Coffee Shop was changed to a place for Tea). Sure, the Villagers don’t really care much, but part of the fun is making something you think they like. If I wanted to go wild with something, I’ll do that with the buildings that aren’t for villagers.

With streaming, I tend to have a very random life and ignoring just not always being able to know how I’m feeling, I’m often needed in my family to suddenly do things without warning. Things that should take 2 minutes can suddenly take 40 and then the stream is essentially ruined. It makes recording otherwise a bit easier because I can just cut things out, but when it comes down to it, I enjoy streaming for long points of time and if I can’t do that, it just feels kind of a waste.

At the moment, my goal is either a couple of hours each stream and/or about 10 houses. I don’t know how it will go just yet, but fingers crossed that it helps get me into a routine as there’s a lot I want to stream in the future too.


Bianca – A snowman’s life.

Rating Address: 0004-5729-612


Yeeees <3 Meanwhile, this then happened and like, this is exactly part of my issues with HHD at this point:

Truffles – A constant quiz show.

Rating Address: 0304-5729-652

Nana – A serene park to lunch in.

Rating Address: 0504-5729-562

Flip – An ancient Bathhouse.

Rating Address: 0109-5729-622

Sydney – An office with a phone.

Rating Address: 0009-5729-632

Kody – A blue training space.

Rating Address: 0209-5729-672

Eugene – A space for self-reflection. (He wanted a talk show to talk about himself. As an FYI. XP Another example of just not a great translation for what they wanted)

Rating Address: 0902-5729-522

Erik – A cozy mountain cottage.

Rating Address: 0202-5729-682

Winnie – A stable for horses.

Rating Address: 0802-5729-602

Knox – A battle enthusiast’s abode.

Rating Address: 0305-5729-642